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Are there any other cheap supplement sites that people recommend? I want to keep getting from the US because too often when I buy stuff from AUS it is very close to expiration date. Bit disappointed to see iHerb reduced their loyalty rewards to 5% and retired all their first time customer referral discount codes except for a basic 5% one.


  • I'm assuming supplements as in sports supplements.

    On top of my head:


    • I once went to order from BB.com. 167 dollars shipping…

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    Used both iherb and http://www.swansonvitamins.com/ Swanson always offer up to 20% off. So just hold out until its offered. Shipping methods are various but pretty cheap if you are not in a hurry and normally comes within 7 to 10 days.

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    Far out - just saw this morning that iherb have also gotten rid of their flat-rate shipping to Aus - my cart now costs $21.26 extra for shipping. Booo

    • I actually asked about this. The guy in chat didn't clearly say if they cut it away or it was a site problem. But he waived the shipping charge anyway.

      Put in the order with shipping. Gave him the order number and when it shipping out they only charged for the items.

    • Just went to place an order tonight and saw the shipping costs! Really hope this is a mistake. I usually place an order every couple of weeks but won't be if this charge is staying. :(

  • Just spoke to Nathaniel on chat… gee they really aren't concerned with losing business due to massive increases on shipping!! Used to be good value but $20+ for shipping? Err, no.

  • I wont be buying from them anymore what a massive hike in my usual order. Their new lower prices do not make up for expensive shipping!

  • Horay free shipping is back on orders over 80

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