Surfboards for Kids - advice needed

Background :

Just moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast (currumbin).

Perfect spot for my 4 kids (7,5,2 and 3 months) to learn to surf as the creek inlet gets waves but is very protected. You can Google 'currumbin alley' if you need more information.

Problem :

I am not a surfer but know enough to get them started. (ie. To push them onto the wave!).

Conundrum :

Which board to get? (I may need more than one, so maybe different types?)

And where is a good place to get them?

As always, thanks for your help!



    You can pick up a cheap foam board from Amart.The Raw ones seem alright. Although mine is bubbling on the surface, I probably left it in the sun for to long though. Boogie boards are good for little kids,the Aldi ones don't last to long. One I got from Anaconda is going 5 years now, I've driven over it a couple of times in my rush to the beach.
    Alternatively try joining up withNippers ,you can borrow boards for free from your local club.


    When we were kids everyone learnt on a single fin foam board then graduated to a three fin thruster as soon as they could reliably ride a wave.
    The foamy hurts less if it bangs into you when you are learning.
    I was a hopeless surfer but liked boogie boards, but I reckon you should push them toward stand up boards first. Though 2 and 3months might need a little more coaching!

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    Please remember to be very mindful of your kids around creek inlets, they can be a real haven for bull sharks.

    I understand that Currumbin/Palm Beach area is a bit of a known hotspot.


    My kids have foamy surfboards from Aldi and Piping Hot from Target. Paid around $60 for each. My kids have got tremendous value out of these surfboards and had plenty of use at the beach and in our pool. Try and get boards that are thick and long for easy flotation and balance when standing up.


    Currumbin alley and palm beach would have to be two of the most beautiful places to surf in Australia. Your kids don't know how lucky they are to have moved here.

    As a lifetime surfer please do not be afraid of sharks. I have done everything wrong, mostly surfed at dawn and dusk, surf alone and remotely and still here to to tell my tale on Ozbargain. Touch wood.

    Surfing is a super safe sport and none better IMO. A love of the ocean and surfing is a great gift to your children. My biggest piece of advice would be to be sun smart and always insist on long sleeve rashies and surf hats.


    Thanks everyone for your advice. It sounds like we should get some foam boards to start.

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