TV to AVR No Audio! Help!

AVR - Yamaha HTR-2067
AVR manual -
TV- SONY Bravia KDL-5500WB


My TV is connected to my AVR through HDMI ARC. It was working fine but today I turned it all on and there was no sound from the AVR. I think I sat on the AVR remote and settings changed, not sure.

I have reset the AVR and updated the TV and have tried a few different HDMI cables but no audio at all.

HDMI cables are fine as the TV displays the AVR's settings or the PS4 works fine with the same cables.

AFAIK initially, I had chosen the default Audio4 for TV, and now I have changed the settings so many times I don't even know how it all should be set.

Any help would be appreciated.



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    MOD: I resolved it. Please remove this post!

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      Care to share how? You ask for help so revealing the problem may help someone else.

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        In settings > Config > 1. HDMI control and 2. Audio Control

        For -
        2. Audio Control: AMP (default) change it to hdmi out.

        After 4 hrs lol!

  • That wasn't it.

    It was the faulty minidisplay port to HDMI connection for watching videos off my macbook.
    The audio was getting muted when the adapter was connected.


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