Why won't my Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000mAh fully charge?

Recently received a Xiaomi powerbank and after charging it for a few hours i've noticed the 4th bar is still flashing.

Is the 4th bar supposed to remain flashing when it's fully charged or is there something wrong with my powerbank?

(I haven't fully depleted the powerbank since I don't have my phone with me. Is this normal for out-of-the box powerbanks?)

I got it from here, reluctant to send it back since their policy requires buyer to pay shipping and also since the powerbank isn't DOA - it still discharges normally. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/252616743256?_trksid=p2057872.m27...


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  • Did you pay with paypal? Have you activated the free return shipping option. That's one way to return it.

    And yes, once the power bank is fully charged, all 4 lights should be on and there should be no blinking.

    But note that under normal circumstances, the power bank takes forever to charge. The 4th light should blink for a fairly long time (mine blinks for an hour or so) unlike the 2nd and 3rd light which stops blinking after charging for a short while.

    • Sadly I paid with a card.. That's interesting how the 4th light blinks longer, the 3rd light took 20 mins for me. They're supposed have a "fast charging speed" as well. I guess i'll leave it to charge overnight and wait for a reply on the seller.

      Is there a proper way to "prep" power banks? eg. Fully deplete the charge before charging it for the first time?

      • Is there a proper way to "prep" power banks? eg. Fully deplete the charge before charging it for the first time?

        You can connect your power bank to the charger & wall but don't turn the switch on. This will probably fully deplete it (dunno if it works with newer power banks).

        As mentioned below, I wouldn't depleting the entire charge. If you want to deplete a good portion of it, just hook it up to a device (e.g phone, tablet etc).

  • Are you charging with a computer or with a powerful wall wart?

    Slow charging could take a while to fully charge it? Try with a proper USB power unit?

    Nah, never fully deplete lithium batteries, its reduces their cycle life.

    • Thanks for the reply, I was charging it from a 4 outlet power point but just shoved it into the wall and changed the 5v/1A adaptor to 5v2A. Never thought i'd have to consider these things lol


    try a few cycles. charge/discharge

  • my 4th bar has never a solid light. afaik, 4th bar blinking means 75-100%, 3rd is 50-75%, 2nd is 25-50%, and 1 is 1-25%

    i remember reading this in a manual somewhere

    • Hmm this could explain alot, how long have you had yours for + is it always like that?

      So when yours acts like the 75-96% in this chart https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-31375c0de8f2e68f596947... ?

      When unplugged, it shows 4 full bars now but 4th bar still blinks upon charging it. Can't seem to find an english manual online.

      • i had the 16000mah one, it was always like this. i believe this is the 16000mah manual i got this info off.

        recently bought the 10000mah pro (usb-c one), it was always like this.

        • Hey madmouse, I contacted asusexpress managed to fix the issue and my powerbank now has 4 fully lit bars!!

          Hold the power button for 15+ seconds to reboot the powerbank (it should go into a process of blinking one of each light). After letting it run for 1-2 mins, press the power button again and try charging it again.

  • my 16000 mAh one takes 1-2 days to do a full charge.. is that normal? .__.