What's The Best Price Someone Has Paid for an Elantra or Civic?


I'm looking at a new (or demo) sedan, my first new car purchase and wanted to know, realistically, how low I can push the price down on these two models? My budget is limited so wanted to squeeze every cent! Also looking for help on deciding between the two. They seem similarly spec'd but why should O choose one over the other? Thanks


  • Which models?

    What's your budget?

    And another twenty questions….

    • Sorry, looking at base models of both. Going by car sales, ex demo's are available for about $20k on Elantra and about $22500 on the Civic. My budget is about the $21k mark. Also want it to be automatic.

  • 0.01

  • Which do you prefer?

  • Easy then. Assuming you know the make model colour etc. walk into your local Honda dealer and ask them to sell you what you want. When they ask for RRP, tell them politely that you have $21k and you want 12m rego, full tank, mats and one of those smelly tree things. If they agree, buy it, if they don't, then leave your name and number and go to the next dealer.
    Or try a broker.

  • Hyundai vs Honda… Wow didn't think they'd be compared

    • Both start with the same letter and have 4 tyres.
      Can't wait for the comparison between a Ford and a Ferrari!!

    • Not a base model comparo, but please check this review:

      • Eh still says the stuff I could've predicted - Honda interior is nicer, drive is nicer and quieter.

        The 'race car driver' gives praise to the Honda for its drive then decides on the Hyundai because she has to push it more? Lol cmon seriously?

        The Japs know how to build a car and 3yrs down the track the Honda will be the better lasting car

        • Well, she's saying you have to push hard to reveal its potential. It's disguising its ability until pushed. Could you please read the replies?
          For general public Honda would fit better but for someone who prefers more 'sporty' feel, Hyundai would work better, and the review focuses on the latter.

  • Girl at my work just bought a 2016 elantra elite auto,white color for $24000 da including shipping from Melbourne to Adelaide,plus 5 year free service from Hyundai