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Samsung Gear S2 US$125 (~$165) and Classic US$161 (~$212) delivered @N1Wireless


Cheapest prices I could find. I have never bought from N1 Wireless before. Anyone with shopping experience with them, please share.

Gear S2 supports Samsung Pay, but NFC-type payment only. Only Gear S3 supports MST technology.

Product Highlights

1.2" AMOLED Touchscreen
360 x 360 Native Resolution at 302 ppi
1 GHz ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-Core Processor
4GB Storage Capacity + 512MB of RAM
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC
S-Health with Heart Rate Monitoring
Samsung Pay
Water- and Dust-Resistant
For Android 4.4+
Samsung Tizen OS

More specs can be found on http://www.samsung.com/au/wearables/gear-s2/features/

I would have bought one if I didn't sign up S7 Edge plan with Virgin and scored a Gear Fit 2 thru redemption.

Classic US$161 (~$212) here http://www.n1wireless.com/samsung-gear-s2-classic-smartwatch...

- This listing is not a 3G model so no phone call functionality

  • Just found out in description it states "Condition: New - Open Box".

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    jesus that's cheap, if I didn't buy my lg urbane for $300 a few months ago I definitely would of grabbed this for sure, at the time it was like $400 (before S3 came out), best thing is that you can actually make phone calls on this watch vs competitors.

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      This one is not a 3G model so no phone call functionality


    I am not too sure whether Samsung Pay would be avaiable on these Gear S2s, since I was under the impression that the Samsung Pay is region locked. If they are sourcing these from US, I'd assume it'd have Samsung Pay app in it (US I think got Samsung Pay on Gear S2). Not sure whether that app will work with Australian Samsung Pay though.



      Samsung Pay was added to Australia recently, but only with a few selected cards. I think ANZ, AMEX and possibly Citibank? But no Westpac, CommBank etc. :(


        AMEX and citibank credit cards only I think. It's a pity, their selection needs to be larger. :(


    Is MST used in Australia? In the US from what I've heard nfc is not as popular.
    I've used Androidpay to pay for something at a cafe, so I assumed NFC credit card readers are the standard in Aus.


      Some times or in some places
      Usually when you try to cash out it asks for swipe
      Also in Ikea Richmond, Vally girl they don't have pay pass options. But it's rare. Always gd to have though.

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      Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to NFC. We're one of the closest to a 'cash-less' society. Isn't paypass/paywave using NFC? America is very far behind us in terms of paypass etc. They've only just got the Insert/Chip reading starting to spread around there i believe.

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    Lots of negative feedback on this shop. To buy or not to buy 😑

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    No PayPal option . That's bugger .

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    no paypal - deal breaker for me.. sounds like a dodgy asian website to steal your CC info!

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    Product condition - "New - open box". No PayPal. Shocking reviews. Suspiciously low price.

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    Samsung Tizen OS

    The apps & ecosystem is what I love about my Android Wear watch, so to me it would be like getting a Windows Mobile phone - just wouldn't do it.


    I'd avoid - as said by @denzele, terrible reviews - https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.n1wireless.com


    I already have one, but hmmm…




    Reviews of this seller are quite poor. Tempting but no thanks.