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BlitzWolf Lightning Braided Cable 1m/1.8m With Magic Tape Strap,US $6.99/ $7.99 (AUD $9.26/ $10.5) Shipped @ Banggood Preorder


Product information:
Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: BW-MF5/MF6
Materials: Protective Tinned Copper Mesh + Aluminum Foil Shielding + Environmental Flexible Braided Jacket
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Male to Double-Sided USB Lightning connector, Nickel-plated Reversible Connector Heads
Wire Core: 30 AWG(Data) + 21 AWG(Power)
Output: up to 2.4A
Data Sync Speed: Up to 480Mbps
Length: 1m/3.33ft,1.8m/6ft
OD: 3.6mm
Color: Black Cable & Grey Metal Plug, Red Cable & Black Metal Plug

Product description:
Apple MFi Certified: The cable contain a verified serial number and an authorization chip issued by Apple, this original lighting connector ensures 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

Premium Materials: 3.33ft/1m flexible braided wire sheath with 21AWG power and 30AWG data tinned copper wire cores can be bent over 5000 times with no change in performance.

High Speed Data transfer: Data transfer speeds of up to 480MBps and also supports charging during data transfer.

Compatible With: iPhone 7/7Plus, 6 6s/6 6s Plus, 5 SE/5s/5c/5, iPad Pro 12.9″/9.7″ iPad Air/Air 2,iPad mini(1-4th generation), iPad (1-5th generation), iPod nano (7th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation).

An 18-Month Warranty: We believe in our products and back them all with an 18-month warranty. If you have any questions or need help we also and provide fast an friendly support.

Package include:
1* BlitzWolf Lightning Charging Data Cable
1* Cable Magic Tape Strap
1* 18 Months Warranty Card

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BlitzWolf 1.8m Cable:

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  • Hey OP when you getting stock of the Bliztwolf QC 3.0 Au charger. Been out of stock for months now.

    • We will have it in stock definitely,one port PD,QC 3.0 +2.4A,QC3.0+TypeC,but it takes some time,something unexpected happen,really sorry for this

      • +3

        Hi OP….plenty of us are still waiting for the Blitzwolf BW-C10 QC 3.0….my order was reportedly shipped at the end of last year.

      • Blitzwolf has a PD charger? Which model are you referring to?

        • +1 where can i get PD Charger?!

  • Not bad for a good quality authorised lightning cable. Will order a couple

    • +5

      Who authorised it?

      • +6

        steve J

        • The GWS /ex-Geelong player?

      • Who authorised it?


    • I've been using two of these for the past few months and they're pretty good. Fairly rigid but tough. Not 100% cat chew toy proof but definitely worth the purchase.

  • +9

    Still waiting on my delivery of the Blitzwolf BW-CB9 USB-C cable, Blitzwolf BW-S6 QC 3.0 charger and the Blitzwolf BW-C10 QC 3.0 car charger from over two months ago. Won't be ordering from BangGood until I get those orders first.

    • +5

      I still have an order I paid for mid-November which hasn't arrived (2x Blitzwolf micro-USB cables).

      While Banggood's prices are decent, it's just not worth it for the hassle IMO.

    • +12

      My order for 2 cables supposedly shipped on the 19th of Jan. I suspect they just put them into a bottle and cast it into the sea.

    • +1

      I got mine yesterday. About two weeks from getting shipping notification.

      • Mine shipped on the 13th and 28th of December. Haven't seen either.

        • I got the notification about 3 weeks ago for my USB-C's. Mine also came yesterday the day before.

      • Same got mine yesterday

    • That's pretty ordinary.. Guess I got lucky, in that I ordered my Xiaomi 10k powerbank about three weeks ago and received it on Friday last week.

    • I received my USBC order from last deal just yesterday. YRMV.

      Feels d**n good quality too!

  • Can't find the 1.8m cable at that price

  • +2

    No answer from the rep regarding delivery issues…?

    • -5

      People complaining when it's been less than a month. Of course they're still going to be waiting… this is China. Also Chinese New Year had the postal companies shutdown.

      To be fair small packages can get lost. They've always been good when I've contacted them ;)

      • +5

        I paid for my last order with them on November 17. That's almost 3 months.

        • -3

          Have you contacted Banggood?

        • @Clear:

          Yes, thanks for asking.

          Banggood say they resent my package about six weeks ago. Still no sign of it here.

          The fact remains, it's been almost 3 months, and I still haven't received what I've paid for.

        • +1

          @encoderboy: Had to ask sorry. You have no idea how many people assume vendors are mind readers ;(

        • +1

          @Clear: Fair call ;-)

          I normally don't complain about long delivery times from China, but this one's getting a bit ridiculous..

        • +1

          @encoderboy: Indeed. PP dispute perhaps?

        • @encoderboy:

          just email them. they're really good with refunds

        • Just to keep ya'll updated, my cables have arrived today!

  • I've got a question, is there anyone can help me?

    If I pay by AU credit card, is there any international transaction fees? My card is CBA's CC.

    • +3

      TBH I would use paypal for any of these websites. While the sites are generally reputable, CC fraud does happen and it's not unknown to have issues with Banggood.

      • Thx mattman. Just want to know if i pay by paypal, is there any international transaction fee will be applied. I linked my AU CC to my paypal account.

        • Apparently Banggood charges in the actual currency you choose, at least for AUD. I've just paid by PP and there was no conversion.

          But yesterday, at, PP was about to sell me some USD at the checkout, so I switched to plain card payment. Bank did the conversion, they usually have way better rates, and I saved a couple of cents. No buyer's protection from PP in that case, however.

        • @pizzaguy: Unless you use a credit card. If a site ever allows your debit card to be compromised you are ****ed.

        • @Diji1: elaborate pls

        • @pizzaguy:

          Apparently Banggood charges in the actual currency you choose, at least for AUD. I've just paid by PP and there was no conversion

          Of course not, you are buying in AUD. However the BANK still charges a International transaction fee.

          It's not the currency (that's separate), but the LOCATION that triggers the fee being charged.

          International transaction fee

          3.00% for MasterCard and Visa transactions
          When you make a transaction that is converted by MasterCard or Visa from a foreign currency to Australian dollars.

          3.00% for transactions in Australian dollars but with an overseas connection.
          When you make a purchase or obtain a cash advance in Australian dollars while overseas, or while you are in Australia (for example online) where the merchant, or the financial institution or entity processing the transaction, is located overseas

          Even if you pay by Paypal, the merchant is still overseas, so you get charged this. Currency conversion is something separate.

        • @llama: I don't see any fees in the billings, perhaps not yet (it's CBA). I can imagine however the company has different target accounts in different countries, and clients switch between them by choosing currency.

          3% might still be better than PP rates [no real calculations done here]

        • +1


          I don't see any fees in the billings, perhaps not yet (it's CBA).

          I think it's just a "fees and charges" at the end of each billing cycle.

        • If you pay in AUD at Banggood then check the conversion with a place like or even Google and you'll find that BG charges a hefty conversion fee from USD.

          I forgot to add that I got the same type of cables yesterday. 2 weeks delivery from notification. My cables were USB A to USB C. They look good and work OK unlike the ones from Kogan that sent my phone and PC into spasms.

    • i'm with cba. paid with cc in paypal and they charge international transaction fee

  • Just a couple of days ago got the USB-C equivalent of these cables (the new version with improved cables, braiding, etc) and have to say they are very very nice.

  • Using the reversible micro USB blitzwolf braided at the moment. The only cable that has easily lasted 6mths+!

    • I can't think of any cables I've owned that stopped working. WTH are you doing to your cables?

      • I can't think of any cables I have even bought that haven't stopped working, or potentially won't do so very soon.

        Consider… if they lasted forever, then there wouldn't be any market for replacements.

        MicroUSB connections are especially delicate. There are two "prongs" that stick out to grab into the connector, and when those fatigue (bend) then the connector no longer locks in properly. The Tickbro ones that we swarmed over died quickly from that problem.

        The insulation on the cable usually fails right next to where it enters the plugs. Then the internal wire breaks, or it just looks crap ad ends up with insulation tape or a bandaid around it for support.

        Overall, almost all phone charging cables are absolute rubbish.

        The reversible Blitzwolf MicroUSB is handling life in my care pretty well, so might consider these Lightning ones. However I really like longer cables, and have had good service from the AIcase long ones off eBay. Buy in bulk and they are cheap.

  • still waiting for the USB Charger you did before

  • I've received every parcel I've ordered from Banggood (>10 separately shipped packages) over the past two years, generally within four weeks, sometimes up to six weeks.
    Maybe I've just had good luck - but I've always been impressed with their competitive prices and reliable services - for me at least.

  • This is my 6th order through Banggood and another 2x braided cords for the family because they are excellent quality. My mob eats through lightning cords but not these babies! I've found BG to be great too with all deliveries between 1 and 3 weeks, and no fakes like I've found on other sites. Remember to go thru Cashrewards too.

    • +1

      I was pretty happy until my last 2 orders. Both were placed on last week December (27th & 29th) and still waiting for them to arrive.
      That will teach me not to cheap out on tracking!

      • That will teach me not to cheap out on tracking!

        Tracking doesn't change delivery speed. It just allows you to track how long it's taking.

        If you want fast delivery, drop the delivery box in checkout and choose a faster method. Often it's no extra change.

        • I'm aware that tracking doesn't = fast shipping……..
          At the moment I have no information except that it has shipped from Banggood.
          I'm not that fussed with slow delivery (although 3 months sounds ridiculous) I just want to know that it's on the way to my house.
          I emailed them and they suggested checking my local post office and offered a full refund if I wanted. Good customer service.

  • +1

    Meanwhile,one of the 2 blitzwolf lightning cables i got for my wife has died.
    No physical damage .It just stopped charging.Around 6 months old.The other one still works.

    I have ordered some Anker ones and hoping they will be better.Otherwise i give up.

    • I've had the same experience with other cables - some of my cables only charge on one side - the contacts must be stuffed.

      My original iPhone cable + kogan identical knock off both still work, although they suffer from the same cable deterioration from bending

  • anyone know first hand if these cables are any good?

    • +1

      I have the 1M cables and they have been great.

  • +1

    1* Cable Magic Tape Strap

    What's this?

    • +3

      It is a tape strap for magic cable

    • Looks like a Velcro type cable management strap. There's a picture of it in the OP link.

      • What's 'magic' about it?

        • +1

          Nothing. But the Velcro hooks are smaller and less annoying than normal.

  • +1

    My personal feedback

    I have about 3x 1m, and 3x 3m of these braided cables

    Been using them for over 6 months

    They are not flexible but they are very well built. I only have one of them frey because it was wrapped around the xiaomi for a long time.

    I used buy the Yellowknife ones, which most of them have stopped working. One of them caught fire due to a frey in the cable, so never buying Yellowknife again.

    Blitzwolf have 18month warranty so that's something

    Also have the non braided blitzwolf lightning cables but I like the feel of the braided ones

  • I ordered in Dec and have not received my order as of now, I will not order ever again from you guys..

  • Bought 2 of these and the cord where it has been braided, has worn off. So when you touch it, you will feel an electric shock

  • Is the 1.8m one MFI? I think only the 1m is The 1.8m MFI is $14

  • +4

    Remember guys, this is a preorder with stock expected to arrive on March 4th,so expect a late march to early April delivery time I guess?

    • +1

      Looks nice but I'll have to pass, with all these comments of late and still yet to be received orders. And the fact that this is a pre-order pushes it way out.

  • Can someone point out for me when it is expected this item to be delivered or become 'non-preorder'. I'm keen to buy but reading the reviews here (mixed but leaning towards bad) plus no actual date of delivery seems like a cash grab.

    • Why not try get it from a merchant who has it in stock and delivers propmtly?

    • Can someone point out for me when it is expected this item to be delivered or become 'non-preorder'

      Why don't you open the linked page and READ it?

      The warehouse arrival date is shown there on the page. The delivery time depends on what shipping method you choose, and what items you bundle it with.

      I find that quicker delivery is often not expensive.

      • Cheers for that. I was looking and looking on my phone and no good. Had to go to the next step to see expected arrival. Was wondering where old mate above me was pulling the 4th March because I couldn't find it.

        • Sorry if I sounded rude - I forgot to check the mobile version of the site. Using a phone for online shopping is almost always a nightmare, because they divert you to a stripped down version of the pages where many important things are not shown.

          EBay's probably the worst - show the punter everything about the item, except the Item Description which contains all the information about the product. Hell yeah - hide that boring stuff behind a virtually hidden link, that's the way!

          I just checked the Banggood Android App, and the March 4th date is clearly shown 2 lines below the Price. Yet using the same phone's web browser to load the same item doesn't show the same thing (doh) - you have to tap "Select Colour Shipping Method" in order to see reference to the date.

          How dumb is that?

  • I don't mind waiting. paid $9.13 via 28 degrees less $0.42 cashback from cashrewards(already tracking).

  • I ordered a reversible micro usb cable for 5 usd. Was looking for a quality one for
    Quick phone charging so hopefully it'll be good.

  • Why doesn't it get cheaper the more that are preordered? I don't want to pay $1.33 more than everyone else.

  • Price has gone up for the 1m cable to $10.65 AUD?

    • 0-300 orders $9.32
      301-1000 orders $10.65
      1001+ Orders $14.65

  • OP/Banggood, Any deal on USB cable for Samsung s6?

  • It's showing USD$7.99/8.99 for me. Am I missing something?

  • Received a shipping notification email, so expecting this package in a few weeks time.

  • +1

    Received mine today! Can't test it as I don't have an iphone, I'll pass it to my gf to test

  • Got mine today, build quality feels solid, the connector ends are solid. Just hoping the braided cable doesn't start falling apart

    • Also received mine today, tracking number still says nothing but that it has departed from china last week so anyone waiting should expect a surprise in the mail

      • Haha I didn't opt to pay that $1+ for tracking, turns out it's rubbish anyways haha saved myself a buck :)

  • Mine arrived today. Will test out later and report back. If good I might buy a few of he longer cables too.

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