Stealthy Increase in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Price

Has any one noticed that the 4L cans have disappeared from Coles and Woolworths (Squeaky and Red Island) and there hasn't been a genuine sale on the 3L Cobram for a while in Coles and that the Red Island is now only 3L in Woolworths.

The only 4L cans are foreign EVOO.

Has the Aus harvest been low recently or are they exporting more or they just increasing profit margins?


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    Have you tried Aldi? I buy 500ml australian Evoo for 4.70 there. Not sure what bigger sizes they sell or the cost though.


      Yes, I've tried them in the past.

      The Aldi 3L can is $24 so around the price of the 500ml (cheaper due to greater volume) - $8/L. These are made by Cobram I think.

      In the past the price was in the high teens I think; also 4L cans in Coles/WOW were around mid $20 on sale.

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