What Supplements Does Ozb Take; for What Reasons; and What's Your Preferred Store?

As per topic. Feel free to give advice, but please be constructive.

I personally take L-Tyrosine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I tend to use whichever store with the best sale going on and buy in bulk. Chemist Warehouse and iHerb have both been v helpful.


  • I take multi-vitamin when I am stressed out and other random expired supplements from the place I work..I get my mum to take Vitamin D3/K2

  • Multivitamin every now and then and i have found out that Propolis is excellent if i feel tired.

    Few days of Propolis and im not that tired even if i dont get enough sleep :)

  • Creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, caffeine, protein, bcaa.

    The usual places are:

    If you're looking for something to try, take a gander at examine.com to see if it actually does anything, and if so, what. Many supplements are a waste of time and as the industry has little regulation, many claim to do things they don't actually do.

    • Interestingly you appear to have not taken you're own advice about seeing if they work or not.

      • To which?

        Creatine has consistently shown a signification effect on power output.
        beta-alanine has shown a minor effect on increasing muscular endurance.
        citrulline malate has shown a minor effect on reducing muscular fatigue.
        caffeine shows a notable increase in muscle output.
        protein is used to supplement a diet to ensure adequate amounts for my (unstated) goal.
        bcaa shows a minor reduction in fatigue, though that isn't why I use it. I just like the taste.

  • A variety, but I cycle them. NAC, the usual minerals, got some Now Sports Tribulus Extreme last time I put an order in at iHerb and the stuff actually works, Mr Libido is back replete with the occasional slutty dream (yes, I is an old fart). Also use digestive enzymes, milk thistle/silymarin for liver. And other stuff when and if needed, I am actually cutting most things out believe it or not so am slowly weaning myself off everything.

  • The entire industry is a scam.

  • I've been taking Cenovis vitamin c, only cause of the free movie voucher :D. It says it's sugarless but it's soooo sweet.

    Ps. I have arthritis in my neck, does anyone know what would help?

  • I used to take Swisse ultivites, but didn't see/feel any effect apart from expensive yellow pee.

  • Multivitamins and supplements unless medically indicated are just ways to make your urine very expensive…

    So a true ozbargainer should not be wasting their money on such things.

    (Creatine may indeed be helpful for working out, and things like caffeine tablets are, like caffeinated beverages, effective for staying awake in most people)

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  • Surprised nobody's mentioned the god of all supplements, akin to liquid gold - fish oil tablets

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  • Try nutirentsdirect.com.au for L-Tyrosine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I used to buy supplements from chemist warehouse but have
    found them to be cheaper at nutrients direct. They are australian made from an australian company too which is a bonus. Also you can
    get a free sample to try as well.