Japan Visa Length of Stay Calculation

I'm hoping someone can provide a concrete answer based on their personal experience or passport stamps when visiting Japan.

We're travelling to Japan, and one of our traveller has a 15 day tourist visa. We're looking to maximise our time in Japan so wanted to know how the 15 days is calculated. There are conflicting information online if the day of arrival counts as day 1 or if it's the day after arrival as day 1.

I tried to call Japanese Consulate several times, but cannot get through. I thought I'll check with the more travelled here to see if anyone can provide an answer.

Update: Thanks for everyone who answered. Contrary to the believe here, I managed to get through to Japanese Consulate, and they have confirmed the first day does NOT count in the 15 days, and day 1 is the first full day, i.e. starts at mid-night after the day you arrive.

I checked with both Syd and Mel japanese consulate and got the same response. I also managed to find on Japanese visa centre website in Thailand the following:

Available days to stay = arrival date + 15days

Arrive in Japan on December 1st at 6:00 AM.
Arrival date + 15 days = 16th
Allowed to stay until December 16th.
But You have get through passport control at and before 23:59 PM.


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