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MORRO Olive Oil 4 Ltrs $19.99 Save $30 Less Than Half Price


late week special @ woolies

less than half price

$19.99 for 4 litres save $30 ( less than half price )

at this price you can drink it lol

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  • as a wog i like this very very much :D

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      isn't this spanish olive oil?

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    My $.02 on this stuff - I have bought it a couple of times. I don't think I've ever paid full price for it, Woolies always seems to have it discounted by at least a couple of bucks.

    Anyway…I've gone through a couple of tins of this oil (the extra virgin) and IMO it's just not very nice. I find it very astringent and not particularly pleasant tasting. It's ok to use for cooking, but for things like salad dressing or drizzling on dishes, it's just not very nice - and if you're going to pay for EVOO, then that's what it should be used for.

    I find now it's better to spend a bit more money for a bit less oil and get something nicer

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      true that. for the price it does the job for basic cooking but obviously there are better evoo out there, especially the gourmet ones from fratelli or djs basement. those however come at a price. I certainly wouldnt ever pay $50 for moro though - lucky that it's almost perpetually on sale.

  • bought one from Coles last week at the same price of $19.99

  • not in my local catalog …


  • is this national? not in vic catalog.
    please put state in title. thanks!

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    I find Moro Olive Oil very very ordinary and very overpriced at the supermarkets…

    Our local deli has some excellent extra virgin olive oils from Greece for around $30-$32, and that's the regular price…

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    It seems Woolies & Coles always have this or some other branded Olive Oil "heavily reduced" to $19.99. In otherwords you can pretty much walk in off the street any day of any week and get 4L of oil for $19.99. I won't neg the deal but I'm not calling it a bargain either. If someone were to actually pay $59.99 for this stuff I'd say they have rocks in their head. It's like the 90% off rug sales, when are they not on sale. It's really just regular price.

    • i disagree , you cant always get this oil as cheap and I am sure coz i work at woolies !

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        I also disagree. It is not common to see 4L of Olive Oil for $19.199

        • I too have never seen it below $23.99. And it is really good oil.

          • @some_one_some_where: I've bought it a few times for $19.99, maybe local only sale or something, I just thought it was the common price when really I must have scored a bargain each time and never knew.

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    In regards to 4lt Morro, it's regularly discounted to around $24.00 every 3-4 weeks at Woollies, so we buy one then to get us through to the next sale. NEVER pay full price for it.
    Very keen to find out if this $19.99 price is in Melbourne as that's a good saving over the usual discounted price.

  • Here is a bit of info on olive oil -…

    I couldn't find the actual Choice article.

    For the people who are lazy - "The “good oil” survey concluded that price doesn’t always equate to quality. Topping Choice’s What to Buy list of recommendations is Coles Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil at less than $12 a litre, followed by Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh & Fruity ($14.65/litre) and Woolworths Select Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($13.98/litre). The dearest product retailed at more than $26 a litre."

    • The CHOICE article does provide a lot of info - some Comments by on MORO: Mild tropical aroma showing signs of age. Tired and Unbalanced
      By the way the comments on the best ones which were from Coles (#1) Cobram (#2) and Woolies (#3) had salivating descriptions like good fruit on the nose ; good transfer to palate etc

      The original article is available if you are a subscriber and updated June 22 2010 - pls search for extra virgin olive oil 2010 review.


  • Feels like it's on sale every other week. I start to think that $20 is the usual price, they are just over charging at other times.


    Here is the choice article with this brand listed. Rated about middle of the table with the comment "Mild tropical aroma showing signs of age. Tired and unbalanced."

    Interestingly, the Coles and Woolworths branded oil both rated in the top 3.

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      More interestingly, 9 of the top 10 olive oils originated from Australia. I wonder how significant that is. The Australian oils are fresher? Shipping time from overseas reduces the quality? The Choice testers are aligned to Australian tastes?

      • Freshness is a key factor and also consider that a bulk export product from another country is unlikely to be the pick of their crop.

        Another interesting comment in the Choice article is the number of olive oils that don't meet the claim of extra virgin.

    • Wonder though - would their tastes change if they knew it was only $5/L and not $12.98? Probably not - but something worth considering.

  • great stuff :)

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  • Awesome offer! Now I don't have to buy oil for a year!

  • Just picked up one thanks!!
    Awesome deal on very good oil! the Extra Virgin oil from Moro is terrific. I normally wait and buy this on sale for around $25 at coles/woolies, but at $19.95 it's a real bargain. Thanks OP.

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