Coles Online and instore - Telstra MF910V 4GX Wi-Fi ($29.50) - Any Luck?

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Coles has this device on special again in the current catalog. However there seems to be a great deal of confusion amongst staff at the Service Desks and in their Facebook/Twitter PR units about the availability of them

I have been trying to get one since the special started again Wed 22/2/17 and have been unable to do so, even when I was advised by staff at the Facebook site they there were in stock.

I'm also constantly told they can't/won't do rain checks on them but was quite happily given one when I complained to FB staff that it is a bit hard to obtain this device if no stock is/were being distributed.

Question to the Ozbargain world, has anyone had success in getting one in this specials period, and if so what store?

Is anyone aware if this is a batch end run for telstra to upgrade their devices to something newer/better or just trying to get numbers up on their network as other Telcos start to compete more, in rural areas particularly?

I'm trying to get one for travel in rural Victoria, South Australia and western NSW over the next 3 weeks.

Cheerz Wabster.

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    If you can find it, take a Huawei E5573 Optus original modem from Post Office. $24.50. 4GB bonus data included.
    A better device than MF910v on quality and frequency compatibility.
    NO network lock originally. And so can be used with sim from any carriers and compatible to all Telstra frequencies


      Thanks for that, this was driving me nuts because I wanted to get one soon to go travelling. I'm still under the impression, who knows correctly or otherwise, that Telstra is the only game in town in rural areas, and that is why I was so focussed on the T deals. I didn't realise that Optus devices did all the T frequencies and were unlocked. so many thanks again for your comment. Cheerz Wabster.


    same at Woolworths, they had a Samsung S5 for $29 on the mobile website but in practice they could never find one so eventually it went off their site.

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