Control Mi Box with iPhone


My xiaomi mi box remote seems to be dead. As a result I can't turn it on etc. unfortunately I don't have any other android device or phone is there a way I can turn on the box via iPhone?

Thanks in advance


  • Nope - have you checked the batteries?

    If it's the IR one (on the earlier models), you can test it with your phone camera - point the infrared at your phone camera and press the button to see if there's any light. It's not visible to the naked eye, but visible on your camera.

    If it's the later bluetooth versions, check to see if it's been "unpaired" from your mibox - if it has, simply re-pair it.

    Otherwise, go on aliexpress or ebay or something and order a new one from China. They're around the AUD$15 mark.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately I can't turn on the mi box to pair it up! I might have to figure out another way otherwise might get a new one

      • Which MiBox do you have? I've got the MDZ-16-AB and it turns on itself when I plug the power in without even touching the remote.

        Could it be the box itself or the power cable?