Jrailpass.com - authorised agent?


I am going to Japan in 2 months. I found jrailpass.com has JR pass 7day adult for $327. (and I need 4 passes)

Anyone know if jrailpass is authorised agent? Is it a legit website?

If yes, should I use Master28degree to avoid conversion fees?

Thanks all

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  • The website looks okay but I'm not too sure. I went with JTB when I got it and I think the peace and mind is worth the extra $16 it costs to go with JTB. There's a list of official resellers here:

  • +1

    I bought the same 7-day pass last week for AUD332 from Sachi Tours (sachitours.com.au).
    Ordered online around 7am, was ready for pickup that afternoon !

  • we worked out if the trips aren't on consecutive days its not worth it.

    check out http://www.hyperdia.com/en/

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