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Hey everyone

I am looking for a company or a freelancer to help design and create a website. Any suggestions ? Preferably a business advisor with a website company to help start the business off.

Thank you :)


    02 8005 0864

    I used him for our website.
    I think he did a decent job -

    Easy to work with and his price was quite reasonable at the time.

    He did the design, and we developed the content.

  • Thanks heaps will definitely contact him

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    I could give you a few but won't as it could be seen as "Advertising" (and potentially advertising ones own business (even your own)).

    I think it is important for you to provide a guideline on your budget to begin with. Sites can be designed for as little as $100 (Usually Overseas) to many thousands of dollars. It really depends on what you need eg, do you already have the concept, layout, wording, design, logos etc and just need them to be created as Webpages? If however. you are starting from scratch and need assistance with those, then this has to be done by the "Designer/Creator/Writer" which will cost more especially as there will be a lot of time spent working with you to get things right.

    In short: More information is required before a recommendation can be advised here (that may suit your needs)….and potential budget.


  • If you have surfed the web, you don't need a web developer. Websites change over time, elements become popular and fade away. Generally you know what a basic website should look like and where each element should go.

    You should find a freelancer on Upwork to help you build a Wordpress website and buy a popular well supported theme, like Avada ( The theme costs around $50, and it has all the elements you will ever need and more.

    Why reinvent the wheel and develop a website from scratch for 10's of thousands of dollars?

  • I work full time in digital marketing but freelance on the side. Happy to provide some advice via PM.

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