Japanese whiskey

Hi guys,
I've been interested in trying some Japanese whiskey, is there anyone who can find me a deal, or can take a picture of them at Costco? I saw them there but forgot the price, was going to see if Dan Murphy's will beat it


  • Any Japanese whiskey in particular?

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    Japanese whiskey is way over priced in Australia.

  • If you in Sydney,

    Just visit 'Baxtor Inn', large selection of whiskey including Japanese and professionally prepared.

  • i heard Taiwanese whiskeys are also good.

  • Try a whisky bar.

    There's one in st kilda or one in hawthorn.

    Try a Japanese flight (like a tasting plate but whisky) and then buy a bottle of which ever one you like the most. Usually the people working there will have a decent knowledge of whisky.

    It's not something that you'll get a "deal" on. It's a premium product.

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    Depends on what type of Japanese whiskey you are after. Some brands/types are considered 'rare' hence you will pay a price for them.

    Personally, I prefer the Yamasaki 18, Hibiki 17 personally. I bought a bottle each home from Japan which ended up being $800AUD for both. In Australia, a bottle of Yamasaki 18 goes easily for $800+. If you have never tried it, definitely worth trying it out at a whiskey bar initially first. Very smooth without the peat/smokiness;

    The cheaper stuff is just branded and taking advantage of marketing hype. If you are not having it straight or on the rocks, better just stick to Johnny Walker or equivalent as most wont be able to tell the difference.

    Just my two cents

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      Prior to 2015 you could buy the Yamazaki 18 or Hibiki 17 for $210 each in Australia and even cheaper in Japan. International demand is outstripping supply which is driving these crazy prices.

  • pretty sure dan does not price match costco due to membership requirement

  • I agree with all points, I was lucky enough to bring back 2 x 18 Year old bottles of Yamazaki, 17 Year old hibiki, and a few other japanese single malts and blends.

    For my one of the better priced japanese whiskeys you can buy would be a few of the nikka branded whiskeys, even though the nikka from the barrel is only 500ml it packs quite a punch at over 50% alcohol content. Another great whiskey.

    The 12 year old single malt taketsuru is also excellent.

    If you are looking for some good bottle shops i have found these two to be quite well priced and have good sales on randomly.


    https://www.mybottleshop.com.au/ - my bottleshop also has zip pay which provides you with 60 days to pay no interest and no credit card, basically buy now, receive it and weekly/fortnightly payments. it is quite excellent.

    The Taiwanese Kavaln is excellent, very well rounded whiskey, quite similar vein to the locally made Starward from Essendon Fields - which for me at the moment, is one of my favourite regular drinking whiskeys.

    Hope this helps! Happy whiskey drinking!

  • Oh and and whiskey and ailment currently have an excellent japanese selection of whiskey, their knowledge of whiskey is unparalleled.


    It is on russell st in Melbourne opposite QV in the CBD

  • Thanks all for the comments. Guess the best thing to do would be to have a Japanese flight or just try some where I can.

    • If you come down to Bartronica tonight, ill be having some japanese whiskey

      • thanks, but seeing as I live quite far from the city and dont go in on a daily/weekly basis, that might be difficult =D