[Price Error] 24x Big Sky IPA Delivered for $49.95 from Dan Murphy's

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Doing my weekly Dan Murphy's price trawl, I came across this excellent deal. A carton of Big Sky IPA (American brewed, 6.2%) for $49.95 with free delivery. Dan Murphy's are currently selling cans of the same beer/size for $116.20 a carton so there's a serious price difference going on.

There's a possibility they will be short dated (not mentioned on the site) but at this price for a well rated American IPA I think it's worth a punt!

I haven't tried it, but the beer is rated 90 at Rate Beer: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/big-sky-ipa/35164/

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  • Either this is a great bargain or something is fishy… if they're short-dated they would surely mention it?

    What are the chances of a refund/exchange if that is the case? Can you say it's unreasonable that you would drink them before date X?

    • Not sure honestly. I've seen places selling booze on the shelf that is PAST the best before date, so I think it's more flexible with booze than certain groceries etc.

      • I've done it at the store after doing a click and collect but never if it's been delivered.

        At the store they have never had an issue with refunding in full there and then.

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    keep in mind that hoppy beers past best before lose a lot of flavour/aroma which might not be optimal in an IPA

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    Food industry "secret"… A Best Before or Use By Date is required on all food packaging (with very few exceptions)
    In the case of Use By, there is some actual science put in to determining the date because there are legal repercussions for getting that date wrong and poisoning someone as a result!
    In the case of Best Before, it's a very rough estimate based solely on experience/expectation.
    ie. There is no tasting panel opening packets/bottles of product across a range of dates to determine the actual point at which texture/flavour begins to decline past a certain point.

    In the case of beer/wine the flavour changes with age and there does come a point at which the flavour turns and becomes bad. The Best Before is well before that point and it's probably a personal preference as to whether an aged product tastes better than the younger product.

    Arguably storage conditions will have a far greater impact on the taste than the age. A fresh pallet of stock at the top of a warehouse will "age" significantly faster than an old pallet stored on the ground, just from the elevated and variable temperature of the storage location.

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      I would argue that with hoppy Pales and IPAs, the point at which they lose a lot of their flavour is well before the Best Before date and not after. More than a few months, I wouldn't bother buying it but the Best Before is usually 6-12 months. Eurolagers and other bland beers are a different story of course, and some dark beers will improve with age.

      I would never waste my money on a short-dated IPA.

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        I agree that hoppy beers are best as fresh as possible, but I've had a lot of variation in the past with dates and flavour. For instance, my local First Choice was clearing out cans of Sierra Nevada that were right on their best before. They still tasted great, lot's of hops, not "stale" at all. I've also had pretty bad experiences with beers well before their best date, probably because they've been stored in a hot place or were out in the sun.

        Anyway, the only evidence that these are short dated is the price, so it's just speculation at this point.

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    Thanks OP, ordered a case and will give it a shot.

  • Thanks OP - happy to try something new

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    seems to have good reviews…I am a sucker for a good booze deal

  • Dan Murphys website usually have a disclaimer if it's close to best before so I would suggest that this is fine, if not you could presumably get a refund if it's spoiled or after best before.

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    Would be awesome if they discounted the Big Sky Brown Ale to $50 a slab. Such a good beer.

  • Went out of stock as I paid. Feels bad man.

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      Yea, I was just going through checkout as well :(

  • No Add to Cart button

  • Yeah looks like it's expired. Happy drinking to all those who got cartons!

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    Price reverted to full price. I wonder if it was an error. Congrats to those that snagged a slab!

    • Excellent… looks like pricing error.

  • Hoppy as I jumped on it and managed to order a carton. Hopfully they honor it.

  • Just got a call from Dan's. Pricing error and they won't honour it - offering a full refund.

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    Yeah just got the call, refund incoming.

    • Yip me too! arg :(

      • Thank God. I don't want my favourite Liquor store to go bankrupt from honouring a pricing error! /s

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    Bleh, I should have waited for shipping confirmation before posting the deal. Might have been able to slip under the radar that way.

    Hmmmm they did accept my payment last night, and according to Australia consumer law "A seller can’t attempt to correct the error or claw back any money after they have processed your sale and accepted payment, as the transaction (and the contract) is deemed complete at this point.": https://www.lawanswers.com.au/blog/australian-consumer-law-r…

    I might try and fight them when I get the call, see where it gets me. Any advice?

    • Let us know how you go, hopefully you ge them to honour it as you were kind enough to share with us. I didn't really argue with them at all when I got called.

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        Scratch that! Murphy's policies are pretty clear cut: "We may cancel your order before delivery in whole or in part. We may do this even if we have received payment from you or sent you a tax invoice."

        I asked them if they could do anything for the inconvenience… they offered a case of the beer for $110 instead of $116. Wow, what a saving…

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          FYI - store policies do not override austalian consumer law

        • @daleyboy79: I have no idea where to begin with challenging. I need to read up on my rights.

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          Point out the relevant piece of legislation, and mention that the ACCC is your next point of contact.

        • Worth a go? I psyched myself up for some nice, cheap beer! :(

    • As long as they offer refund you won't have a leg to stand on. And yes, always ensure you get a deal before posting to hundreds of thousands of people about it! ;) Scratch it up as another reason to avoid Dan's when you can.

  • Yep - also received the refund call. Oh well.

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    Refund call received - #sadface

  • Yep … Dreaded refund call. She said something about it actually being priced at $116 or something a carton

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    Oh crap. A big miss.

  • Ah. I remember with Officeworks iPhone pricing error of '15. I found it my self at 2:30 in the morning on their website ordered 2 but did not even tell anyone even family. Then I saw it all over OzBargain. Most orders where cancelled but thankfully not mine.

    Anyway moral of the story keep quite about pricing errors till you have it in your hands.

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      How do you know its a pricing error till after the fact, if everyone followed this advice, ozbargain wouldnt exist, as noone would post deals.

      • Well the iPhone one you could. It was obvious.

      • Ozpricingerror.com wouldn't exist.

  • Refund through paypal email received over the weekend, no email or call to explain why. Pretty poor form for Dan's even if it was a pricing error.

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