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Win 1 of 16 $100 Prepaid EFTPOS Cards Daily and/or a $5,000 Prepaid EFTPOS Card from EFTPOS Australia



Closing Date 13/04/2017 5:00pm
Multi-draw Yes


Description Please see below.
No. of Prizes 451
Total Prize Pool $50,000.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Purchase


During the Promotional Period (9 am 10 March to 5 pm 13 Apr 2017 AEST):
1. Complete an EFTPOS transaction by pressing CHQ or SAV on an EFTPOS terminal at any Australian participating merchant and retain the receipt.
2. Complete the entry form, including uploading a picture of the receipt.
3. Bonus entries (optional): Eligible Entrants will be prompted following submission to ‘share’ a unique URL with friends and family, who must also be deemed an Eligible Entrant in accordance with T&Cs (Subsequent Eligible Entrants). For each Subsequent Eligible Entrant that enters an eligible entry in the Promotion, the initial Eligible Entrant will receive 1 additional entry in the Promotion.

Multiple entries from different eftpos CHQ or SAV transactions permitted. Each entry must be accompanied by a unique receipt, which is only valid for one entry. Non-winning entries roll over (confirmed on FB).

Each Eligible Entrant may win 1 Daily Prize per day and the Grand Prize.


$5,000 prepaid EFTPOS card (awarded as 5 x $1,000 cards).

$100 prepaid EFTPOS card.

NOTE: Other comps from which the receipt may be eligible:
1. Wrigley's Extra at Woolies (till 22 March).
2. Allen's lollies at IGA/SUPA IGA/Foodland (till 26 March).
3. MARS at IGA/FoodWorks/Foodland (till 27 March).
4. $20 spend at IGA/SUPA IGA/IGA X-press (till 4 Apr).
5. Alcohol at BWS in-store (till 4 Apr).
6. Greenseas Tuna at IGA/SUPA IGA/IGA X-press/Foodland (till 9 Apr).
7. Explorer socks at Big W, Myer, David Jones, Target, Harris Scarfe, Woolies, Coles, Bonds Outlet, Best & Less, Lowes, IGA, Independent retailers, other (till 14 Apr).
8. MARS at Woolies (till 16 Apr).
9. Nescafe at IGA/SUPA IGA/Foodland (till 17 Apr).
10. Easter buns at FoodWorks (till 18 Apr).
11. Beef or lamb (till 18 Apr).
12. Swisse (till 20 Apr).
13. Johnson & Johnson products at IGA/Foodland/Foodworks (variable closing dates).
14. Energizer battery (till 4 May)
15. Jameson/Absolut Botanik (till 13 May)
16. Listerine (till 30 May).
17. Hahn at Bottlemart/SipNSave (till 5 June).
18. Radiant (till 11 June).
19. Brown Brothers (till 18 June).

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eftpos Australia

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  • +5

    Thanks for posting! I was hoping there'd be another EFTPOS comp after last year's comp :)

    • +2

      Hi Katie :) Yep definitely. A smaller pool this time but hopefully a good number of prizes so we can all have a share.

  • +1

    So go to IGA and buy lollies, tuna and listerine then pay by eftpos?

    • +3

      Yes there are quite a few comps on now that you can use the same receipt to enter, I've added the relevant info to those posts. Spend wisely!

    • I was at IGA earlier today buying tuna and kraft spreads. If I had of known about this I would have inserted my card for a change.

    • +2

      Pay for each item separately to get more entries in this comp.

  • +1

    Oh I see you already updated your other deal to say almost exactly that lol

    • +3

      so people get the max out of their purchases :)

      • +4

        you are too good to us :)

  • Is there a way to buy egift cards with those EFTPOS gift cards?

    I got about $800 worth of EFTPOS gift cards at home, but they can't be used for online shopping…

  • +1

    Awesome, fingers crossed!

  • Thanks. :) Reminds me I didn't get one of my wins from last time. :( Any idea who to contact?

    Just catching up on a few weeks of competitions. Yeh love this competition. :)

    • +1

      Either via email ([email protected]) or FB message?

      • +1

        Thanks. Will do :) Keep forgetting to chase that this last month.
        How do you know when the competition ends?

        Damn I need to add start dates into my Database, actually it's there just not fully implement converting starts dates to UTC. Not like Start date is usually useful. Unless like in this case advance notification of upcoming giveaway.

        Argh been busy doing a database for giveaways to manage these pesky international daily bonus including automatic adjustment for DST worldwide. i.e. For a rolling 24hr daily bonus countdown and also for sorting summary lists in order of daily bonus expiry.

        Ps I think USA have DST on March 12 their time. oh god if hadn't finally implemented automatic adjustment for DST worldwide would ban DST worldwide. lmao

        • The closing date is a guess based on the previous comp, which ran for about a month and this will probably end before Easter, so. Will update when T&Cs are out.

          Sounds like an interesting and handy project you've got going on :)

  • +1

    Great work with that other purchase comps running at the same time. Be great if woolies had another scan and win running at the same time like before XMAS. Guess find a local IGA instead. :)

    • +1

      Yep I haven't seen this many concurrent comps from the same promoter (IGA) before and also most of the purchases are food/things that almost everyone have use for - timing can't be better.

  • +3


    • :)

  • +5

    I just got a winning email this morning for the second chance draw from the previous eftpos xmas comp!
    It was in my junk mail so make sure to check if you entered.
    (ps not sure how to mark my win on that one as it's been closed for too long)

    • congrats. the second chance draw wants supposed to be until 25 March.

      • +1

        According to the T&C link in the email it just says "For clarity, all winners will be notified by, at the latest, Saturday 25th of March 2017."
        So i guess they have started them now already :)

        • +1

          Congrats! Got my fingers crossed.

    • Congrats! I've reopened the comments on the previous competition so you can mark your win on there now.

      • Oh cool thanks jsquared 👍🏻

  • +3

    I didn't manage to win on the last eftpos comp, but it was such a great comp with so many winners. Hopefully this time I can rack up a win!

    • +3

      same here. have 5 receipts ready to go already.

    • +2

      Me too, I had 30+ entries with no win.

    • +2

      Last years comp was such a downer! I also entered many times with no win.

  • +3

    Looks like the new comp is now out with details Starts 9am March 17. Looks like Gnv9 is on the ball as always.

    I would picked up Monday morning if bothered doing my daily entries for the Aussie comps. I rushed them just midnight. lmao.

  • Interesting they are allowing extra entries for referrals this time around. Will make it that bit harder I think :(

    • Do you think referrals will only count if they're unique? So my mum wouldn't be able to give me an extra 5 entries with her receipts?

      • +1

        Sounds like get 1 referral for your Mum and not one per entry they do. Usually that's they way referrals work. Not a commission on every entry that referral does. :)

    • +1

      Thanks I hadn't checked out the full T&C's regarding referrals. Hmmm think I preferred it without referrals. Watch the Aussie comping gangs circling on this one now. :(

  • +1

    To me this sounds like each entry will get a unique url to share, so first entry will be able to be shared with your mum for one entry, then next entry should get you another referral to also share with your mum for one more entry. Thoughts??

    "Eligible Entrants will be prompted, following submission in accordance with clause 5, to ‘share’ a unique
    URL with friends and family, who must also be deemed an Eligible Entrant in accordance with these Terms
    and Conditions (Subsequent Eligible Entrants). For each Subsequent Eligible Entrant that enters an eligible
    entry in the Promotion (in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) at the unique URL (Subsequent
    Entrant), the initial Eligible Entrant will receive one (1) additional entry in the Promotion. For clarity:
    a. there is no requirement for the Eligible Entrant to ‘share’ the URL;
    b. the Eligible Entrant may ‘share’ the unique URL with as many Subsequent Eligible Entrants as
    they wish;
    c. the initial Eligible Entrant will receive an additional entry in the Promotion for each Subsequent
    Entrant; and
    d. a Subsequent Entrant will receive a new unique URL to ‘share’"

    • Or that the referrer gets an URL, share that & the referree, who enters via referrer's URL, gets their own URL which they can then shared.

    • +1

      More confused now. Hoping it's the one URL so I can keep sharing the one with multiple people.

    • I've messaged the company and it's exactly as you say @Cristobel!

      Does anyone want to pair up and exchange referral links back and forth? I have a fair few ready to go :)

  • Does anyone know if entries roll over to the next day if you don't win a daily prize?

    • umm they did with the previous one..will check

    • +2

      Yes they do (someone asked on FB).

  • +1

    TOMORROW'S THE BIG DAY GUYS! Get excited!!

  • +2

    Submit button isn't responding :(

  • +1

    Damn. Still not working!

  • Working for me.

    My referral link:

    • Just reply to this chain if you used my link. I have heaps of receipts and will return the referral asap.

  • Yep working now, here's my referral: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=fe131d7

  • Tried again… Internal server error.

  • Used Phalaxis's

    Here's mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=71a3cb1

  • Used Legsweeping's.

    Mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=6d70cb6

  • Okay just submitted 11 entries :) Good luck everyone!

  • Used aydge89's,
    here's mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=71a58e8

  • +9

    My partner won today so I've counted it! :D

    • +2

      wow, already? Excellent! :)

      • +2

        Looks like the draw happens after 3pm! Today's winner list has been updated.

    • +8

      My partner won today too! Yay what a great start!

      • +1

        certainly is, congrats :)

  • Has anyone tried referring themselves yet?

  • +2

    21 entries in. Fingers crossed now.

  • Congrats winners!
    I'm assuming draw was 3pm AEDST?

    • +1

      Yep, or maybe just a little after!

  • Used boshimaro's, here's mine:

  • +1

    Used Obey's. here's mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=4191ef5

  • +2

    Used Chadiwrx, Heres mine

  • +1
  • Used xtatc's.
    Mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=c7b90b0

    4 more waiting to go if someone wants to ref swap

  • Used MrtheMoonbear's.
    Mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=6a45049

  • +1

    Damn the referral email got me. Did anyone else fall for the referral email congratulating you & thinking that you have won?

    • Hahaha yep got me too

    • +1

      The winners email is exactly the same except the banner is blue!

  • +8

    Winners list has been released and I WON TODAY!!! YAY!

    • +1


      • Thank you!

        Sorry guys, I'm hogging all the prizes this year! 😅

        • +3

          I can wait until the Grand Prize ;)

    • +3


    • +1

      Congratz Kathy Zu :P

    • +1

      I think you won today again. 😲

      • +1

        Thanks @porleng! You caught it before I did!

    • Hi, after you won how long did it take to get an email? I think hubby and I both won today but neither of us got a winner email. Thanks

      • Hey congrats!! I got the email immediately every time but I think they're having problems with emails today since no one is receiving confirmations.

  • +8

    What even is today, I just won for today also! That makes 3 separate comp wins for me today hahaha

    • Congrats,Mehta other wins did you have?

      • +4

        $20 card from the Allen's lollies one and a 1050ti graphics card from tweaktown ^.^

  • Used MrtheMoonbear's.
    Here's mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=aa108f5

  • +1

    Used forrester
    Here's mine: https://eftposwin.com.au/?ref=a3bf6e4

  • Used edrenalin, here's mine


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