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Luxurious 2 Night @ Mantra Ettalong Beach + Heaps of Extras! $189. Normally $578 [Soldout]


Luxurious 2 night stay for 2 people at the 4 star Mantra Ettalong Beach PLUS $60 value at your choice of three resort restaurants, champagne on arrival and 2 cinema tickets! Valued at $578, yours for only $189!


2 nights accommodation at the 4 star Mantra Ettalong Beach in a luxury studio apartment (valued at $458)
$60 to spend on food and drinks at one of the 3 restaurants on site
A bottle of champagne upon arrival (free corkage)
2 cinema tickets for Cinema Paradiso just 500 metres from the resort
Just 90 minutes north of Sydney
No blackout dates!
No strings attached!

The Fine Print

Valid for 1 year from 17 August 2010 until 17 August 2011
Bookings essential via [email protected] or (02) 4344 4794
After hours reservations on 0424 028 703
Bookings can only be made from 17 August 2010
Valid for 2 people
Subject to availability
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
Cancellation policy applies

More info about the deal & place:
2 nights accommodation at the 4 star Mantra Ettalong Beach in a beautiful luxury studio apartment
$60 to spend on food and drinks at either the Beef & Barramundi Restaurant, La Fiamma Restaurant or the new Menhir Tapas Bar (opening in October!)
A wonderful bottle of champagne upon arrival
Plus 2 cinema tickets for Cinema Paradiso, a 7 screen complex, just 500 metres from the resort
Use of Mantra Ettalong's fabulous pool and gym

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  • can it be used on the weekend?

    • it says no blackout dates but i suggest you book early once booking opens on 17 august 2010, especially if you want a weekend in the next few weeks.

  • Should have known it was on here hence why it got pulled off! REally annoying since they have a countdown timer and never mention that it can be sold out / pulled out early. I had been waiting to hear back from a friend before making the purchase!

    • Heh, I was in the same boat, wanted to get a group together for NYE or Australia Day, but sold out before anyone got back to me lol

      Lucky I bought 2 on a whim anyway!

  • good deal, but sold out now.

  • Withdrawn.

  • sold out so early!!!!

  • I dont mind if they said limited amount of places or can sell out early. But they have always advertised their offers as unlimited till timer runs out, not that the stock can get sold out! Thats what pisses me off. They never said that it can end early.

    • thats what i thought. seems like it can be pulled anytime. i cant remember the exact figure but it was something like 478 sold so im guessing the company promoting this packed it when they saw how fast it was going and pulled the plug, rather than saying ok, we have x number of vouchers to offer, in which case it wouldnt have been such a random number sold but a more rounder number, if that makes sense.

      • I wouldn't be too worried, I just noticed it was private rental in the apartment complex. After reading a few tripadvisor reviews, I'm getting mixed feelings, as the purchase was not directly with Mantra. Scoopon would be likely to liable for intellectual property infringement and misleading/deceptive conduct by displaying the Mantra logo so prominently.

  • true, i really think this offer is "the more people the better price".
    if few people buy it they will cancel the offer, but if more people buy, they will be very happy.

    but looks i am wrong.

  • ohh i hate missing out this..
    well.. too bad.. maybe we all can email scoopon and tell them to re do ?

  • Well That is how scoopon always promoted their deals. The more the merrier. The only thing we had to do was hit above a certain amount at which point the deal became active, Never ONCE did they say that a deal can get pulled for hitting too high a no. or that there is only a limited amount. If they had then fine, but they never promoted it like that. Thats what really riles me up, Typical COTD bad service and lack of information especially in regards to stock. In my view this is almost a bait and switch even because i bet you a lot of people are now buying the deal they have just put up because they feel bad about missing the previous one!

    • Ouffer did something similar, for the Brazilian restaurant deal.

      It may well be the vendor requesting that the deal be pulled as it sold way over what they expected. If this is the case, you can hardly blame these guys.

      • +2

        But here is my problem, Thats not how scoopon has every advertised their service or ever mentioned that can happen. Plus shouldnt they actually talk to the vendor First and figure out these things before hand. I can blame them and i do because as a business they should be able to figure out the possibilites before hand. Look at how they advertise their site. Or read below.

  • +1

    This is what scoopon say on their site :-

    How it works :-
    Your brand on Scoopon

    Every Scoopon deal is made available to our entire membership base - as well as any new visitors to the site. If your business has a unique and compelling offer, and is selected by the Scoopon team to become a main Scoopon feature, this will usually translate to hundreds – or even thousands – of new, pre-paid customers walking through your door. There are no upfront costs and it's risk-free too. We actually guarantee you a minimum number of pre-paid customers! So, Scoopon only makes money if you do.

    Want to get involved? Click here.
    About Scoopon

    Scoopon is the brainchild of the boffins behind catchoftheday.com.au, Australia's number one online shopping site. Not content with having 500,000 members over there, they launched scoopon.com.au with a quest for world domination!

    Well, almost. The goal with Scoopon is to give all of us sociable Scoopon members an opportunity to try cool restaurants, attractions and activities in our city, sponsored by businesses that have been approved as friends of Scoopon. The larger our member group becomes, the more businesses will be attracted to join our network and the better the deals we will all enjoy.

    While our Scoopon member numbers are growing at a phenomenal rate, if we can all aim to get to 1000,000 Scoopon members this year, we will be able to negotiate the kind of deals most people would never have imagined possible. Like international travel for under $100, exclusive A-List concerts for less than $20, movies for $2, very cheap fuel and deep discounts everywhere! So use Facebook, Twitter, blogs and e-mail to spread the word and let us deliver the best of your city to you!


    And on their FAQ :-

    Ooh, I like the look of today's deal, where do I sign?

    The daily Scoopon deal is there for the buying from midday each day for a minimum 24 hours. Each Scoopon deal has a different expiry time, some go for 24 hours while others might go for 48 or even 72 hours. To buy a Scoopon deal just click on the 'Buy' button. Once the pre-determined minimum number is reached, we'll charge your credit card and e-mail your Scoopon. Easy.

    If the pre-determined number of purchasers isn't reached, nobody gets the deal and you won't be charged a thing.

    Bah, BS!

    • +1

      They specifically say that each deal is there for a MINIMUM of 24 hours. It says it in plain sight on their web site.

  • +3

    you whingers are bunch of nancies.
    I know it was still available around 1pm so you had at least 1 hour to buy it.
    Its not like they have unlimited rooms and they can give this to just anyone.
    Of course there has to be a limit. Its better for the buyer if there is. Imagine if 5000 ppl bought this, if you were one of the 5000, you would have a hard time getting the booking you want, or any booking at all.
    I think they sold about 500 (last time I checked, there was over 400 sold) which is probably a fair call.

    sorry, edit - lonewolf, you are the only one whinging. Why do you have to have so many comments on this. If you thought the deal was so great that you need to whinge on this board, you should have bought it when you had the chance

    • -2

      Read what i wrote before you speak if you can help it. If not then meet up with me in person to insult, dont do it over a forum.

      • So you expect a business like scoopon to just leave the deal as "sold out" for the 23 hours if the deal sold out in one hour?

        My understanding is that it sold out and they have just replaced it with a new one so that other customers can actually have a chance to purchase something on their site.

        Who are they baiting?

        The deal was there. You missed out. And now they have a new deal. I don't see what the big problem is?

        • Dear Valued Member,

          Re: Luxurious 2 night stay for 2 people at the 4 star Ettalong Beach Resort PLUS $60 value at your choice of three resort restaurants, champagne on arrival and 2 cinema tickets! Valued at $578, yours for only $189!

          We are writing to advise that one of the vendors involved with this offer has had an issue related to capacity. Due to this, the offer has had to be withdrawn.

          We are currently working to restructure this offer and aim to have the newly created offer featured on Scoopon.com.au as soon as possible.

          In order to avoid any further inconvenience to our Members, a full refund will be provided for all purchases made for this deal. The processing of refunds has already been initiated and should appear in your account within the next 3-4 business days (dependent on your financial institution).

          Scoopon.com.au feels that this action was necessary to ensure the high level of service and value which our Members expect and deserve.

          We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

          Kind Regards,

          Team Scoopon.

          • @dman801: this should make lonewolf feel better

            • @rainy118: It might have something to do with what another member mentioned about Mantra. Either way something has not been thought out before offering this deal from the looks of things and thats what i had been saying from the get go.

          • +2

            @dman801: I just got the same email..

            they're seriously BS…

            I don't like how they run their business at all..

            ALL BS..!!!!

            So basically from now on… they can offer something and.. pull it out again… by sending this kind of email…

            seriously need to report this.. BAIT ADVERTISING SCAM..!!

          • @dman801: positive vote revoked. i cant believe the way they do business. n i have bought tickets to sydney just because of this deal. gonna make a complaint.

        • +1

          The problem is not that they sold out but rather that their whole business evolves around not selling out. Thats how they promote the idea. Its not like a shop that has stock. The idea is there is a minimum amount that NEEDs to be sold but no maximum. Because the more that buy technically speaking the better it is meant to be for the business offering the deal in the first place. Hence why i copied and pasted the info from their own site. It explains how they think of their business, once they can offer businesses that they have 100,000 customers then the business in turn can offer much cheaper flights or other services. Thats their business.

          They also point out that each deal will run for a minimum of 24 hours, not that 24 hours or till stock runs out due to the fact that there is no stock except a minimum amount that needs to be bought. Thats what i am trying to explain to people here, THAT is their business. My point is they went totally against their business. AT the very least cant we have a discussion about that rather than people coming on and throwing insults my way?

    • mick123 i dont think the whingers are nancies. i agree with what you are saying, i had forseen this situation in a previous deal (see my comments in the urban spa deal from scoopon), but i wouldnt go slagging off lonewolf personally, his/her points are absolutely valid also. AFAIK, scoopon has always promoted itself as ‘the more the merrier’ and no where on the site does it say there is an upper limit on the number of deals available, regardless of what commonsense would dictate in this particular situation.

      lonewolf, no need for the “wanna take this outside” we’re not in high school and this aint UnderBargain 4: The Ettalong Strip. that aside, your points are valid and i agree with you that is exactly how scoopon has marketed itself, ie come one, come all and never a mention of any upper limit. the bulk of fault here lies with entiregroup, or whoever it is managing the private apartments attached to mantra, as while they may not have been able to forsee such a positive public response, they do know they only have 'x' number of rooms available over then next 365 days and hence should only offer a max of 'y' deals, allowing for other bookings as well. they obviously didnt do this hence all bookings have been cancelled. the lesser portion of fault lies with scoopon, for not confirming with entiregroup if they will be able to fulfil rooms if this deal goes platinum and also for not mentioning anywhere in this deals details that there are only a limited number of scoopons available.

      guy84, the problem isnt posting another deal, the problem is no mention that a deal can have an upper limit - either on scoopon or that specific deals page.

      dman801, re your reply to my earlier post, scoopon has since modified the deal page and removed the mantra logo so well done!: http://www.scoopon.com.au/deals/406/just-189-for-a-2-night-s… however there was no IP breach per se, those studio suites are all part of the same conplex and managed by mantra, just that these are privately owned. also scoopon has very clearly pointed out that the deal is by entire marketing group nsw and that they are the contact point for all bookings.

      • Although they form part of the complex, I doubt that these privately owned apartments would've been managed by Mantra! It alludes to the idea that the dodgy real estate agent comes by and passes you the keys. When you buy a holiday apartment with Oaks/Mantra etc. you can usually elect to have it managed by the group (i.e. guaranteed rental less high fees) or outright rental control (own marketing, volatile income). There has been a similar case, Mantra v Tailly, heard in the FCA whereby a holiday property management/marketing company was found to have breached Mantra's IP. The reasoning behind this decision was that the use of the term 'Mantra' by Tailly would have led a customer to believe that the accomodation provider was Mantra, when in fact it was the private operator.

      • +2

        Actually The fact that people are willing to hide behind their pcs to throw insults is exactly what a kid would do. I was never about taking it "outside". I always have and still do believe the no. of insults thrown around on a forum would hardly ever if ever happen face to face because people generally respect or at least have a bit more control over how they talk to other people face to face than they do on the internet. On the internet people seem to feel they can treat or say anything insulting to someone and that it is fair and right. Which is where i was coming from.

        I just dont quite understand how people are more than willing to just insult someone else at the drop of a hat considering there was nothing i said about them either directly or indirectly.

  • Just wondering have you guys had your accounts refunded yet? Seems like notyet

  • +1

    Hey Guys,

    Just thought id write to you all to let you know the situation, i am from Entire NSW the company responsible for promoting this offer.

    We have had to withdraw the offer from Scoopon due to difference's between us, we are still happy for anyone interested in the offer to email us directly at [email protected].

    We are in the process of negotiating to rerun this same deal with an alternative provider this weekend, so for all of those who have purchased & been refunded or those who have missed out then you will still have your chance to take this offer up.

    The reason why we are able to offer this fantastic deal is due to the following reason, a group of individuals in the area have chosen to manage their apartments themselves opposed to letting the hotel do this, we find we receive better return this way, these are the apartments that will be used for this offer, they are 100% the same as those of the hotel, the only difference being that not all will have foxtel services.

    Check In & Check Out procedure will be the same as any hotel, just arrive at the main reception after 3pm on the day of your arrival & let the girls know you have made a private booking, they will then confirm this & issue you with keys to your apartment

    We also have a long standing business relationship with the owners of the Cinema's & Restaurants offered in this deal so have been able to secure very good terms with them & have passed the savings on to you guys.

    So please feel free to email us for any other information, let your friends & family know that the deal is back on, ill let everyone know which provider we have decided to go with shortly, so make sure you check out their site & sign up to receive the great offers from them…


    Team @ Entire NSW PL

    • Thanks for taking the time to inform us. Can you confirm if there is an upper limit to this new deal, ie, will there only be a limited amount of deals on offer?

  • Hey Guys,

    No there is no upper limit on the new offer, there will be a time limit though, it will run strictly from Friday morning to Sunday night, so if you are at all interested id suggest you make sure you are able to purchase within this time.

    • thanks for the quick response. wow, no upper limit on offers? hope you got lotsa rooms coz when the last deal was pulled nearly 500 sold in the first couple hours. so which coupon site have you guys chosen this time round?

  • We are just in the process of finalizing the site we are going with now, dont want to say anything until were 100% sure :) Ill let everyone know as soon as i know, but one thing is for sure it will be running towards the end of next week, so keep an eye on this space for the site.

    Yes we have plenty of room's to fill & are looking to extend the offer for 18 months which mean's you will benefit from being able to use it over 2 Xmas Seasons, which tend to be very popular on the Central Coast….

    Hope this helps

    • Thats good, thanks again for the update. 18 months validity sounds fantastic and will be recieved very positively by all so do try and make that happen. Keep us posted once details crystalise!

  • +1

    Hey guys just thought I'd let you all know we will be running from tomorrow morning with Ouffer, so please visit http://www.ouffer.com to secure your deal.


  • Hi EntireGroup,

    I have tried to make a booking via you guys through email because i purchased the scoopon deal and was refunded.
    I booked for 11th & 12th March 2011 and deposited the money into your account and not have heard anything back.

    Could you please advise what is happening.
    Not too impressed right now

    • cammab, I am in the same situtation! EntireGroup has not gotten back to me whether a date is avaliable or not - let alone book it for me.

      Have they gotten back to you?

      • NO, and they wont be getting back to you because they stuffed it up again. The second deal they ran with ouffer has also been refunded today, see: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/30326

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