expired ToolPro 3HP Petrol Pressure Washer $145.60 (was $327) C&C @ SuperCheap Auto eBay

ToolPro 3HP Petrol Pressure Washer $145.60 (was $327) C&C @ SuperCheap Auto eBayAffiliate

SuperCheap Autos has a petrol pressure washer on sale. Save even more with the ebay deal that finishes today. Don't have one myself so hopefully other fellow ozbees can post feedback on this to help people decide. I've linked a review from their blog but obviously may be biased. Listed some attachments you can also purchase with it below with the discounted price.
review on SuperCheap Auto blog on the 5.5HP model
Original 20% Selected Parts&Accessories eBay deal post

Here's the spiel:
For serious high pressure cleaning jobs where a regular electric pressure washer just won’t cut it, you need the power available from a petrol motor, like the ToolPRO 3HP Petrol Pressure Washer. Using a reliable Ducar engine, this 4 stroke pressure washer will give you trouble free use and packs enough pressure for most extreme cleaning condition and best of all, is covered by a 12 month warranty.

The 3HP motor is able to produce a whopping 1800PSI output pressure which makes this unit ideal for cleaning driveways, decks, brickworks, patios, roofs as well as cars and the filthiest of four wheel drives.

What’s included?

The unit features a unique interchangeable nozzle design allowing for quick and easy changing of desired spray patterns and includes 4 nozzles:

  • 0° - Pencil spray for heavy cleaning like stubborn stains and dirt.

  • 15° - Narrow spray for heavy cleaning of decks and driveways.

  • 40° - Wide spray for light cleaning of decks and driveways.

  • Low pressure – For applying suds and detergent.

The unit also features a 6m hose which is really helpful for getting into those hard to reach areas like cleaning roofs, guttering systems or double story houses.

Did you know?

The ToolPRO 3HP Petrol Pressure Washer’s quick connect system means that attaching additional nozzles are simple. This means you will now be able to use:

  • ToolPRO Patio Cleaner - Great for wooden decks, bricks and concrete.

  • ToollPRO 6-in-1 Nozzle - Which combines all the different patterns in one convenient attachment.

  • ToolPRO Turbo Nozzle - Which is great for those more stubborn stains.

  • ToolPRO Underchassis Nozzle - Which makes getting dirt from under wheel arches easy.

  • ToolPRO Foam Sprayer - For applying a layer of your choice of car wash or cleaning solution.

Foam Sprayer Attachment $39.35
Patio Cleaner Attachment $102.52
6 in 1 Nozzle Attachment $38.52
Turbo Nozzle Attachment $36.91
Under Chassis Cleaner Attachment $49.19

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  • +1 vote

    is 1800psi high? I think it's less than an electric one.

    • +1 vote

      Average pressure. high will be 3000+ psi
      The 6m hose is OK, but 10m length or more will be better.
      End of the day, casting of the motor will determine whether it will last the distance, but at this price…meh

    • +7 votes

      It's not really the pressure that counts, but the FLOW.

      What I mean is that 1800psi through a tiny 1mm hole might clean a strip 10mm wide, whilst 1800psi though a larger orifice might clean a strip 30mm wide. Make a huge difference to propductivity, and this is the main reason to get a petrol rather than electric pressure washer.

      The nozzle pressure is almost irrelevant since you don't use these things with the nozzle directly touching the surface. The more flow (at a given pressure, the further way you can hold the lance from the surface and the wider the area cleaned per pass.


        Absolutely…no point have 3000psi if the flow is 1L/min…it would be like a water laser (thin beam of water) and would be useless as soon as you put it as a 'spray'. Average flows are about 6L/min…anything above 9L is better…12L will get those hard to reach areas (think of 2nd story windows, etc).
        Agree: electric motors won't be as powerful as petrol/diesel motors for the better flows/pressure (will be lighter however)…and you will be attached to an extension cord all the time, so has limits when away from a powerpoint, like cleaning a long driveway (not that I would condone washing down a driveway alla 1970's style)


      Yes well I don't know a great deal about pressure washers but 3hp is 2.2kw… So equivalent to the common 2200w electric pressure washers I would think.


      For those who is planning to own a petrol hp washer please becareful when using. It will cut your skin and shread meat. This is a weapon and it should not be directed at anyone. It's really powerful compared to most consumer grade electric power washers.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks poster, i loaned my dad a brand new electric GMC years ago, never saw it again :-)

    So i grabbed one of these, its insane cheap, less than landed cost, no more power cord, thank God


    Thanks OP!

    I reeeeally want a pressure washer. I've been between Bunnings, SCA and Autobarn all weekend looking at Gerni's & Karcher's. However, I think this one is too hardcore. I need an electric one.

    The ALDI one that pops up a few times a year is really loud. I've seen a few reviews on them.

    Might be a silly question, but obviously you can't purchase SCA eBay items and add to your Club Membership? Is this correct?

    I want them to know how much money they take off me. It's getting bad. Haha!



      sorry I don't know the answer to that. Guessing you are right as there is no way to link up the ebay purchase to your club membership via ebay. Guess you can call them after to try?


      theres a few electric pressure washers from SCA or sparesbox that'll be 20% off.

      I'm tempted to get the Karcher K2.090 for $68. no doubt it's a bit crap, but it's very cheap.

    • +1 vote

      Heads up nocure has posted a deal where you get 20% purchasing direct from Super Cheap Autos using code TWENTY for purchases over $150 so guessing this would work on the pressure washer.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks OP, have been eyeing one for a while.
    Would have preferred more HP, but hard to say no at this price.

    Dunno where I'm gonna put it…

  • +1 vote

    This is a bloody good deal,
    if you can tether it when cleaning your house's roof,
    then I cant see a downside compared to electric

    • +1 vote

      if you can tether it when cleaning your house's roof,

      LOL WOT?

      When you use a petrol cleaner for the roof, the machine sits on the ground.

      You need to buy an extension for the pressure hose.

      You cannot run a 4 stroke motor continuously on an angle (potential oil starvation), plus it'd be damn heavy to lift up onto a roof.

      I cant see a downside compared to electric

      I have a petrol unit however I tend to use my small Karcher more often because it is lighter, and less drama to get started. But the main advantage is that the little one is less powerful - the petrol units can sometimes be "too much" for some tasks.


        Ok, fair enough
        Maybe I didn't think that through
        But I'm sure a determined ozbargainer would find a way to do everything they needed to with this
        Even if it meant tieing it to the antenna


      Just order the optional shoulder straps at the same time:-)
      But yeah I would want this for roof work as well but can't see it working out.

  • +1 vote

    Ordered one.Thanks

  • +1 vote

    How does this compare to the one Aldi sells every now and then?


    Thanks Op I will give it a go.


    Do I need this?


    I did walk past this a couple of days ago and thought, wow that looks really light duty for a petrol pressure washer, but it's certainly cheap.

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