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I am a new recruit. My coworker joined the company 5months ago. There's a single permanent position at the moment.anager doesn't like him but thinks i am better candidate for the position. My coworker has made complaints against me twice already. He works at a different location and we both are still temporary/casual employees. He made a complaint last week about me and another person being rude to him. He will be in the office for the next two weeks with us. How should i behave?


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    well you say hello, smile (if you can) when they walk past but otherwise try to avoid them. hopefully after a period of avoidance / minimal iteraction, you forget your initial grievances and move on. will take time though, prob. 2-3 months.

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    If they converse with you, keep it to business matters. Don't raise the issue of past complaints. If you do, you leave yourself open to accusations of bullying as reasonable things you might say will be twisted out of context. I would also try and stay in a group, so you are not liable to have any one-on-one conversation misrepresented.
    Be reassured that nearly every manager will have a good understanding of the dynamics of their team, and will see the reality of your situation. And if they do not, you would do well to seek a different boss.
    Your co-worker will be diminished in the eyes of management for making complaints against other staff, nearly every workplace hopes that petty disagreements get sorted out by those involved and hate dealing with people who raise formal complaints.
    The best thing you can do is keep your head down, work hard and be professional.

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    Punch them in the face to show them who's boss.

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      Agree, establish dominance.

      Also mark your territory by pissing on his things, and sleep with his wife/gf.

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        I find flinging poo is the most effective method


          Put a sticky note under his mouse whilst also slightly removing the usb cable at the back. If they can not touch type - move keys around on the keyboard and signing their mobile number up to services that require call backs so he looks like they get heaps of calls at work ie; gumtree or one of those service finder websites should do it. But fkn their significant other is the best and most effective advice I have seen.


      Yeeeh mate :)

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    So they've made 2 or 3 in total, complaints against you?

    What were the nature of those other complaints, and do you feel you were rude to them? How can they have made a complaint against you, when you're working in different locations?

    That being said, if you have to ask how to behave … seems like you're unsure you're previous actions have been above board.

    Act civil and business like, you don't have to like who you work with. But you need to be able to work with anyone … we'll until you're the boss.

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    Just act in a civil manner and make sure that you do is in a professional way; minimise interaction if you can without compromising your work results. People who continually complain about other people are not viewed well by management; whereas someone who can act professionally under fire is. If there is a new position coming up make sure you put together a portfolio of what you have worked on to show you are the better candidate. Also make sure that any interaction you have with this guy is well documented, in case you have to go into mediation. Do not respond to any provocative emails but keep them stored for later. I had to do this with one of my work colleagues and he couldn't believe how well prepared I was and how poorly he came out of it in comparison. Good Luck.

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    How should i behave?

    Act like everything in the garden is lovely. Do not react. Be professional.

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      Yup, this is what I meant. You are going to have to deal with a lot of difficult people over your career and the best way is to be polite, helpful and then let them run themselves out. We had an issue with an install at one point and I had a senior manager ring me up and give me a good talking to, I let him have his head and he, eventually, ran out of steam; I then explained exactly what had gone wrong and what we had done to make sure it it wouldn't happen again. In the end he said "and I, suppose, it doesn't help having idiots like me ringing you up and bothering you." I didn't have an issue with the phone call because we had screwed up and all I was doing was reassuring him we were on top of it; the apology was just cream.


    Out of curiosity, what is your profession?

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