2017 Accor 'Le Club' Free Upgrade - Does anyone have a code?

Hi all,

I was hoping my fellow bargain hunters could help…

I am looking to join the Accor 'Le Club' membership and was hoping that one of you legends could please help me with a code for a free status upgrade, or point me in the right direction?!

I have googled a lot and there were a couple in 2013.

Thanks all!!


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    Accor free status upgrades are long over, they don't even status match anymore. Only way to get instant is to buy ibis business card that gets you gold which is expensive considering gold doesn't offer that many benefits.

    But yes instant platinum loophole ship has sailed.

    Where abouts are you planning to stay?


    Ahhh bugger.

    What is the cost of the Ibis membership?

    We are doing a bit of travel this year and the Accor card gives you relatively good value when you consider staying and eating (50% off meals).

    The Hilton membership (IMO) is absolute rubbish, I wouldn't even bother with that one. I stayed in the states, gold membership, gave me peanuts…


      ibis Business - 90 euro. However, I find Accor Gold to be useless, only Plat is worthwhile because of the exec lounge access.

      Hilton Gold and Marriott Gold are actually the best mid range hotel elite statuses out of the the chains.

      Free buffet breakfast at the restaurant + 99.99% chance to be upgraded to executive lounge access for Hilton Gold. Assuming you stayed at either a Doubletree or Normal Hilton and not a Garden Inn.

      Hotel elite programs at mid level are all about the breakfast/executive lounge access for unlimited drinks and canapes, not suite upgrade or welcome gifts.

      However US treatment will never be good as Asia Pacific regardless of what chain.

      But yes, at least in my opinion and that of a huge range of people on frequent flyer forums, Hilton Gold is not rubbish. It's arguably the best mid range status out of any chain in the world.

      Accor Plus is an ok card however you are already spending 385 upfront - and you are also forced to stay at only Accors. So you'd have to eat 770 of food to even break even, and that's considering you were forced to eat and stay only at Accor restaurants regardless of value, and that's through Asia Pacific only.

      So I don't really see the point of signing up to an Accor card that costs that much since you are heavily limited and also you're paying for your food discount in advance. Accor also tends to actually be more expensive and lower quality than other chains if you don't have Platinum.


    I joined Accor club last week. Paying membership means you gain silver straight up. Up to you if that makes it worth it. Late checkout and free wifi for gold

    Apparently referred new customers pay $349 where as you initiating the membership on your own you pay $380ish.

    Feel free to say I referred you and I'll let you know how good my "referral" free bottle of wine is. Ha


    I did note however that dining discount only works in Australia/NZ and Asia.

    Saved us heaps on a ski trip to Queenstown one year.

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