What is the best deal (currently) on Naked DSL?

Hi All,

What's the best deal you guys have come across with regards to Naked DSL?

I'm looking at getting a plan in the next couple of days, was thinking anywhere up to sort of $80/month (but am really just open to the best deal I can get). We will also need a modem, so maybe there is a cracking deal with a modem?





    i think u have to get a home phone to get adsl…

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      I think what you are trying to say is you need a phone number for them to connect it. When I looked into it in the past, they said I needed to pay a connection fee to connect my phone, set up the naked DSL and then they would disconnect the phone line. So it really only appeals to those that already have a phone line.

      That said, the DSL/home phone bundles are usually just as cheap if not cheaper than the naked dsl deals, just dont connect a phone.

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        I managed to get Naked DSL connected once without having to get a home line connected first (as long as they have your correct home address it should be possible).

        However, based on my experience, I would recommend you simply pay the "Telstra tax" and get a landline (doesn't even have to be Telstra, my current landline is bundled with Internode but I believe its actually commissioned by Optus. It is very difficult to get any line issues diagnosed with naked dsl, not impossible but definitely much easier when you have a working landline.

        It was all too much pain so when I moved house I simply when for a DSL plan that included a home phone line - price was very similar to naked DSL anyway.


        Thanks both of you guys. Yes that s essentially what they do… I have to pay $20 which sits in my account for the term of me staying with TPG - they didn't explain it very well, but from what I could gather its like a holding fee to not have phone line rental.

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    Naked DSL depends on your supplier having DSLAM equipment installed at your local exchange, so it isn't available everywhere or from every supplied.
    Search here to tell you which suppliers are available at your exchange.

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    No point asking here as we don't know your address. Best option is to check an internet provider comparison site where you enter in your actual address and it shows who provides what kind of services in your area.

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    I'll never understand why naked DSL cost so much. Or perhaps I forget quickly every time someone reminds me. Most people I know just get a TPG unlimited non-naked plan without a call package.


      Hit the nail on the head! I spoke to them about not wanting a phone and they recommended exactly what you said. Thanks again.


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for the replies - there is some great information here!

    I ended up going to TPG; ADSL2+ with unlimited data for $60/month, seems like it was a pretty good deal, hopefully they hit the 20mbps they said they could hit.

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