TPG - Need to choose TPG ADSL2+ vs NBN (via TPG) vs TPG FTTB

Hi All

I've recently received a brochure on snail mail to our apartment building from TPG to notify that the NBN is about to become available in the Inner West of Sydney (Marrickville area).

I'm currently on TPG ADSL2+ for a number of years. The DSLAM is nearby at Petersham so the speeds are fine for streaming Netflix and multiple connected devices - no issue at all.

So now my choice is TPG ADSL2+ (as now), TPG NBN, TPG FTTB.

TPG ADSL2+ Unlimited $59.99 (this is what I'm on)
TPG FTTB Unlimited $59.99
TPG NBN Unlimited (12mbs) $59.99

What is the difference between these in terms of SPEED and Reliability ? (note that I'm about 3km from ADSL2+ DSLAM right now).



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    Tpg FTTB, it should be very comparable to NBN speed wise(if not better), u won't have to deal with the NBN co., TPG owns and is responsible for EVERYTHING so you can't get the run around excuse (though it's often not an excuse, more so poor coordination between RSP and NBN).

    though, if what u have u are more than happy with, why bother the hassle of changing? When the price is no different?


    Contact TPG. You may find that you don't actually have the choice of FTTB or NBN (one or the other). Edit: Unless I'm missing something.

    Furthermore, given time you won't be able to keep ADSL (consider it like the move from analogue to digital), so keep this in mind so you don't suddenly wake up with nothing.

    ADSL, NBN/FTTB are not in competition. ADSL is antiquated with the point of NBN/FTTB being to replace it.

    Overly simplified though, consider FTTB to be the same as ADSL, except instead of the DSLAM being nearby at Petersham, it is nearby in your basement. (Which should mean much faster speeds).

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    ….you'll definitely want FTTB, because the NBN here is either FTTC or FTTN which is worse than FTTB.

    In terms of speed and reliability(in order of best to worse, with best being at the top)
    - TPG FTTB Unlimited $59.99
    - TPG NBN Unlimited (12mbs) $59.99
    - TPG ADSL2+ Unlimited $59.99 (this is what I'm on)

    Because with FTTB, you can upgrade to a full megabit line(if you wanted or stay on whatever package you get for $60 a month), compared to NBN which is like an 1/8th of that and ADSL2+, which is usually less than an 1/8th on average, but seeing how you're only 3km away you should be getting around 20Mb/s down on that line or around there anyways; which is still significantly better than NBN which is capped at 12 Mb/s down……


    Yep, once NBN is available in your area, ADSL will be "turned off" in your area sometime in the near future, you either have to switch to NBN or be without internet. Pretty rude I reckon.


      He could switch to TPG FTTB as that won't be "turned off"

      I used Spirit FTTB at my old building and it was fantastic, easily the best internet service I've had.


    Definitely get TPG FTTB as it will be more reliable (It costs significantly less for TPG to connect you to the world wide web than if you were to sign up to the NBN meaning that unless tpg puts profits over reliability it should be more reliable). Also on TPG FTTB you will get speeds of up to 100Mbps down while on TPG NBN you will experience speeds of up to 12Mbps i.e similar speeds to what you got on ADSL2+.


      I forgot to mention, if for whatever reason you plan on getting TPG NBN save yourself $10 a month and get the TPG FTTB $49.99 plan.