Honoulu Flight Early Morning Departure----Transport Options

G'day fellow OzBargainers!

I've booked a Jetstar flight to Honolulu in September. The return flight HNL-ADL is 7.45 a.m.

I'm seeking advice on the best way to get to the airport from Downtown Honolulu or Waikiki area, have not booked accommodation yet.

I understand there's a normal bus that runs from airport for US$2.50 per person but I've been told by one of the hotels that they don't operate at such an early hour!

So, have any fellow OzBargainers done this before and be kind enough to share some tips?

I'm trying not to stay at the airport hotels if I can help it!

de Oldrocker


  • Google for airport shuttles then pick up one of the millions of guides around Waikiki. They usually have coupons on there for the busses. Keep in mind you'll have to tip. I've done the shuttle a couple of times and took taxis the other times. Both worked fine. Hopefully they'll finish the train line to the airport within the next decade.

    The Bus is the public transport site there and runs from 5:30AM. Probably a bit late for your flight.

    EDIT: Also there is Uber & Lyft.

  • We caught a taxi to the airport when we went last year. The meter said about $50 but the driver only charged us $30 and said it was a standard charge to the airport.

  • Uber/Lyft - if you have never been to the US before use a LYFT promo code for your first trip!

  • Uber is cheaper but i used Charleys Taxi. They have a mobile app and always showed up on time for me (3am trip to airport) + you can track where the driver is. (and they never made me pay the full fare, usually $20-30 from airport to waikiki)

  • I caught an uber once, it was like $21USD.

  • Look for Speedi Shuttle when you arrive in Honolulu. There are sales representatives around the airport exit.

    We booked a return trip with them (airport to hotel and hotel to airport) for about usd30/aud40 per person. We had similarly early flight and they were able to pick us up from hotel at 5am. We didn't have to worry about catching a taxi or uber.

  • Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. I'm back in our great country now, just wanted to inform that in the event I managed to take the Bus at 0545 and arrived at airport with plenty time to spare, in fact there were many others who arrived after I did!