Planning to Purchase SD820 Phone - Xiaomi Mi5 or Lenovo Zuk2? Please Advice

Hi All,

I am planning to purchase a decent configured SD820 device for my wife. She is currently using LG G2
I am preferring Xiaomi Mi5 64GB over the Zuk2 although Zuk2 is cheaper (I like the design of Mi5 better, plus it has better ROM support).

I have already checked various websites for comparisons and reviews etc, but wanted to double check with OZB community.

  1. Is their any other better SD 820 (or SD650) device for around AUD $300?

  2. How is the Camera quality and Battery life? (This question is more towards anybody who are using either of these phones). Good Camera is a priority.

  3. We use Aldi mobile, our nearest Telstra tower only supports 3 LTE bands: 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz. According to - Mi5 only supports LTE 18000MHz, but Zuk2 Supports both 900MHz and 1800MHz. Can somebody please confirm this? I have seen some other forums suggesting the Global version (or Global ROM?) of Mi5 will support LTE 900MHz also… but I am bit confused.

Thanks Heaps.

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    Xiaomi Mi5
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    Lenovo Zuk2
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    Mi5 camera is much better than zuk. If I was in your position I would definitely go the mi5.

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    The Redmi Note 3 Pro (special edition) has a SD650 processor and also covers all the LTE bands you listed as well as B28


      Thanks, Yes I am aware of this but the RN3 Pro camera quality is below average
      Also the speaker is on the back which makes Video Calling bit hard for the recepient

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        I don't quite know what your expectations are from a mobile phone camera, but if it is important to you I would consider the LG G5 or the Moto G4 plus, which is around to ~$300-400 mark (check eBay, though you probably missed a few recent sales). Both have better cameras than the mi5.

        None of these will do well in low light, so expectations should be tempered. The difference with good lighting between phones tends to be very minor.


          Thanks for your help. I am not keen on buying any LG phones unless we know the BootLooping issue is completely fixed. G5 has known bootloop issue.

          Moto G4 plus is a good buy (specially with almost Vanilla Android), but Mi5 spec is still better than G4 Plus.

          My other choice was ZTE Axon 7 from Amazon but it would be over the budget.

          Would Huawei P8 be a better phone than Mi5? Another previous gen phone would be Nexus 6P if I could find one in budget

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          It's always going to be a balance between price and specs. If you don't like to buy any device with any known bootloop issues I would not buy a xiaomi either - their devices are known to brick, especially after OTA updates .

          I don't have any experience with the p8, but it is a departure from your stated preference for Qualcomm processors.


          @Fiximol: Which Xiaomi device are you thinking of here?


          @PR0r: At the very least, Redmi Note 3 and Mi5 have issues with OTA and bootlooping and a search via google will pretty much bring up someone experiencing bootlooping issues with virtually all models. Personally I had a Redmi Note 3 pro that bricked due to the OTA update on start up - I have also had 2 devices (including the replacement) work perfectly, so it isn't ALL of them.

          As a side note, I received good (if understandably slow due to transit time) support from Geekbuying when it happened. Whilst I ended up with two functioning phones (for parents). One worked well from unboxing but the other took around 4 months (waiting to get it, bricking upon start up, spend a week emailing, sending it back and then getting a replacement). There is after sale support from online retailers but it can take a long time compared to local stock.

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