VIOFO A119 suddenly frozen on VIOFO loadup screen.

As title suggests my VIOFO A119 suddenly stopped working and is not stuck on the loading screen. Only the power button works to turn on and off but does not load into the camera. Anyone experiencing the same situation? Practically useless if the dashacm can't record, so thinking of getting a refund since still under warranty.


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    Flash the firmware.

  • Probably not the issue but worth checking - how is the power supply? I was getting heaps of problems with mine until I realised it's because I was using a 3.2A dual USB outlet for that and my phone. Upgraded to a 6.8A outlet and now all good.

  • Anything under warranty I'd send back. You shouldn't have to flash firmware or upgrade if they supplied power adapter. Imho.

    Also, the seller, not the manufacturer, is the one to fix it under warranty.

    Good luck

  • I sent mine back for warranty a few weeks ago. Took longer than usual on the VIOFO screen and once loaded, would refuse to record. Button presses registered but did nothing. Hopefully I can opt for a more reliable alternative.

    • Mine did this suddenly too. Had been running fine for a month or so, then one day it started beeping like there was something wrong with the SD card.

      Anyway, I reset it and formatted the card, and it was doing the same as yours. I could see once it booted the clock would tick over for 3 seconds then it would freeze. Buttons and video still appeared to work, but nothing would record and button presses did nothing. It shuts down and boots fine and looks like its all working, but it isnt.

      So I tried the firmware flash and it has started working properly again.

      I'm not impressed. The thing I like about these is that they beep when there is an issue. But in this half frozen mode it tricks you into thinking its all working fine.

      I just want something that is set and forget. Its the kind of thing that you really really need to be working for that one time when the accident happens.

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