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Strongbow Original Can 375mL (10 pack) $16 and Mercury Hard Cider Can 375mL (10 Pack) $20 @First Choice

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    I think you'll find the words "Mercury", "Strongbow" and "decent cider" are mutually exclusive terms.

    • Mercury is ok if all you want to do is get sh!tfaced, but it's too sweet for my liking anyway.

      Price wise $20 isn't bad for 10 cans @ 6.9% ABV.

    • Personal preference. I think you'll find a lot of people like this cider.


        True, snide commentary aside, it's a decent bargain.

    • Mercury is amazing, not sure what you're talking about.

      • lol… it is CUB lolly water aimed at the pre-mix crowd looking to get smashed cheaply

        • Hmm didn't know they were CUB owned, good marketing I guess. It's a bit sweet but at 6.9% I'm not complaining, each to their own.

        • @Charusho: years ago they were probably a great homegrown Tassie brand but now they are just a name on bottles of commercial cider produced from imported apple concentrate

          but yes - it does the job and is cheaper than the same qty of doppelbock :D

        • @HeXa: Ah that sucks, guess I'll be gearing to the independents were possible in future.

        • You realise media/society/branding has shaped you into regurgitating that?

          They've been planting sweet = girly/not strong/manly/cheap in your brains since childhood.

          These are the people who are always most affected by peer pressure and who feel most that their masculinity is at threat.

          Honestly this whole convo is silly/weak. One person is saying they enjoy a drink. Then because its by a certain brand and someone else complains its sweet, they say they will be 'gearing' to other brands.

          What has our gender become.. lol

        • @takutox: there is nothing artisanal about Mercury Cider now, it is commercial flavoured sugar water targeted at people who feel their masculinity is threatened (my opinion based on promotional materials and product packaging)

          I have no problem with sweet drinks, just macrobrewers passing flavoured water off as being of craft origin

        • @takutox: agreed. I like my steaks extremely well done.. you can rabbit on about how much better it is if it's rare etc.etc. but I know what I like and how I want it, so while I respect that you like it differently, don't demean what I like, just because you don't :)

        • @HeXa:

          Then you shouldn't have used the term 'lolly water', a derogatory shaming term referring to sweet less-alcoholic drinks, and instead talked about the kind of cider it was. To add to that you talk about who its aimed at (premix scum who want to get smashed cheap, apparently). Now you're backtracking and saying you were just talking about the ingredients and method of production. Too late since you already jumped on the media bandwagon.

          It's $2 a can. What do you really expect?

          The guy enjoys his drink, the drink is not poisonous. And he enjoys it and thinks its 'amazing'

          Bringing in a drink is worse because its sweet (the famous 'lolly water' line) or boycotting a drink because of the way they brand/market, or skipping a drink that you like at a good price because its not 'real cider', that's weak man..

          Are we really going to go down that path? I'll enjoy my imported apple concentrate (who cares, it tastes good).

          I don't go into Maccas or KFC expecting 100% ethical high quality unprocessed chicken breast (which they love to advertise), you don't buy a $1.60 cider expecting godlike 'artisanal' methods either.

        • @HeXa:

          and whether it is imported or not isn't a huge issue. If you're talking arsenic etc., those problems are also in Australian and US apple concentrate and depends on the brand and the soil they were sourced from. They're not limited to China. And that problem extends to all ciders, regardless of how they were made.

          So all comes down to whether you like the way it tastes or not. Like I said before, personal preference.

          Those Australian craft cider companies are just as unethical, charging you out the wazoo for 'Australian cider' or 'genuine craft cider' by using the same marketing tricks. In reality the product isn't even that special, and while they sell they probably laugh at the idiots who pay 10 times the amount for their products. If you like the way it tastes, you like the way it tastes. How about we use that (and the price) as the measuring stick of whether a product in the category of 'drink' is worthwhile.


          Yeah. This is another annoying elitist thing that people tend to do.

          It's funny because if you think about it, if we were put into another generation or time period, they'd probably spout the same shaming tactics about whatever was popular at the time.

          We need to learn as humans that not everyone experiences or sees the world in the exact same way that we do or likes the things that we do. It's okay to state your opinion (and it might be helpful to some), but what is not helpful is using silly media/peer pressure terms like lolly water and 'loling' at people who think different to you.

          I grew up with a fam that cooked well done steaks, they were delicious! Then I got older and started eating medium rare. Then rare. All tasty. I understand how people can prefer either. I honestly don't see how people can't grasp this concept and feel the need to shame others. It's sad how much conditioning they have done to us.

        • @takutox: oh shit… someone got triggered…. I'm cider shaming?

          lolly water is pop / softdrink - i.e. sweet carbonated water which is what the majority of cider on the Australian market is. One only needs to look at the growth in the brands (Rekorderlig and Kopparberg) to see that. Young cider drinkers are also more likely to drink harmful amounts more frequently.

          Nothing wrong with premix (except the morning after sugar handover)

          Charusho has their opinion - I have mine - if Mercury is amazing, then then is still plenty of scope for broadening experiences of flavour profiles

          EDIT: my gen also called cordial "lolly water" for similar reasons - sweetened flavoured water made from concentrate…. which is an apt description for many ciders

        • @HeXa:

          speaks volumes of your character that you are now resorting to ad hominem (triggered etc.) but as long as it makes you feel good online and restores your self esteem go for it :)

          the term 'lolly water' is used to shame people who like drinking sweet drinks. and your generation? lolly water was ALWAYS used to describe alcoholic drinks that did not fit the 'manly' profile.

          in fact the way you are using it on rekorderlig and kopparberg shows that you are doing exactly what I am saying.

          there's nothing wrong with expressing an opinion. there is a problem with 'lolling' at people and regurgitating media based platitudes on an online forum behind the safety of your computer. you are triggered/mad and had to resort to using insults. if you can't handle an online discussion like a man without spouting keyboard warrior internet memes then don't call out others on getting triggered cutie :)

        • @takutox: ah…. white knighting with strawman arguments…. the best kind of internet activism

        • @HeXa:

          anything that helps you restore your broken self esteem, you need it :)

        • @takutox: With comments respected, I prefer to support local growers/smaller distillers than big companies like CUB. That's why I said that. Don't fight gents, share your love of concentrate cider with each other ;)

        • @Charusho: shhh…. expressing your personal opinion isn't allowed ;)

          my love of commerical concentrate cider resulted in the 90s being hazy and the cheap homemade scrumpy didn't help

    • I thought Strongbow was supposed to be a good cider (used to be many years ago)? What brands would you consider "decent cider"?

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    Mercury Hard Cider Can

    and who would drink Soft Cider?

  • So…. In a nutshell…. No matter where the ingredients came from or how it was processed or how it is being marketed…. If it makes one more manly or less….. Young or old….. Is the damn drink a good drop or not? Sheesh….