TRS at Gold Coast airport

Hi all

Anyone has experience at Gold Coast airport? My international flight is 10am. Do they have TRS form there or download from website? Is it after or before immigration?

And do they need to see the box? It was iphone 6 (bought in Sydney). I assume I can bring back the phone with me, is it correct?



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    They should have TRS forms there. There is only one international gate at GC Airport. After you check in, you walk through the domestic security, which is less stringent, ie. you can take water in. That will take you to the food court area. At the far end of the airport is the international gate, which you will need to go through another more stringent security, ie. no water allowed, then immigration, then duty free. The TRS booth is on the left after you pass through duty free near the general seating area.

    They didn't need to see the box the one time I went through there. Just inspect the laptop that I bought to make sure the model matches up.

  • Thanks for quick response geek001.

    Do they only have 1 counter there?

    If I fill paper form (I cannot find this paper form online), I just drop it with invoice then go, no need to line up? And should I fill online form as well to get QR code?


    • you will in the form, then they process it on the spot and put the GST back onto your credit card. They will need to sight your iphone and your tax invoice, unless the counter is unattended, then you just drop in the form in a box provided.

  • In melbourne, they only give out the paper form when tge queue is too long. This is so that they can be processed later. Otherwise, there is no paper form to be filled if processed on the spot.

    There is a different queue for using the app. You enter all the details in the app and scan the QR code generated by the app at the counter. This saves the officer entering the details manually and should make the process quicker but not always. I have seen the normal queue moving faster than the app queue.

  • OP, there is a TRS app. Fill the blanks in on the APP, when you arrive at the TRS counter your phone displays a QR code which the TRS just scans off your screen.

  • Thank all.

    Is 1 hour enough to get it done?? I meant 1 hour after pass Immigration.

    From website, I see there are only 2 gates in Gold coast international, so it is easy to run to the gate, isn't?

  • My experience on 31/12/16.

    TRS counter wasn't opened so we had to fill in the form and drop it into the box in an unsealed envelope with your address. I took pictures of the receipts with the form just in case any of the receipts went missing (for warranty purposes).

    Got the refund advise a couple weeks later in the mail and 4 receipts(totalling $300) weren't processed (only took photos of 3 receipts). Rang Gold Coast Customs and they directed me to an automated voicemail. Sent an email to the TRS email and they said that they couldn't do anything without the receipts even though they've lost it. Went to the retailer and ask for a sale advice stating date of purchase and items, etc.

    Forwarded all documents to TRS and it was processed a week later. Lucky I had photos of the receipts for warranty purposes.

    In regards, to your iPhone 6, is it over $1k(though I doubt so)? If it is, you'll need a tax invoice with your name and address on it.

  • Hey guys, apparently there's some new law capping Australian passport holders for TRS..
    Anyone experienced this?
    I heard this from a family friend who went through Syd Airport on 24/03/2017.

    • I went through Brisbane TRS this morning and got asked a lot of questions about my claim for ~$700 worth of goods - like where I am going, who the items are for etc. But they paid it and told me if I buy anything OS I need to declare it if my total purchases including the TRS goods is >$900

      • Its just a warning for the reentry limit. Nothing new.
        If you aren't travelling alone, best to get your friend to carry in the goods.

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