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Wii U Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortissimo Edition $42.32 Shipped - at ozfalcon2801


I spotted the Limited Edition version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions for $42.32 shipped from ozfalcon2801's website. Given the recent standard edition sales from The Gamesmen went for $36.90 shipped (and sold out quickly) it's not too bad a price if the extra features hold any appeal to you.

Fortissimo Edition Includes:

  • Game Disc
  • Artbook
  • Sound Selection CD
  • Song Lyric Cards
  • Stickers
  • Extra Content Download Code

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  • Which stores are still stocking and selling the Wii U console suitable for an OzBargin!

    • Wouldn't hold my breath. Most cleared out stock ages ago and there's not a huge volume of consoles out there to keep a second hand market flush. If we were going to have big sales it would have happened around Xmas or the Switch launch. The Wii U section in any EB I've been into of late looked pretty sad so I can't see them pushing sales for the system.

      I'd keep an eye on Gumtree.

  • Price gone up to $65.17.

  • Shows as $65.17 for me.

    • No doubt the site noticed and decided to put the price up after people had interest, greedy as.

      • Yeah I was about to order a copy but that's just poor form from the site. They'll all drop to that price eventually. I'd recommend grabbing a sealed copy eitherway; it's an outstanding niche RPG that has a low print run and is one that no one bought and it won't get a remaster. It'll be this gens Panzer Dragoon Saga, mark my words :)

  • tsubasa-chan hnng