Sharing Optus Fetch Via Wireless Network

Does anyone know if you can split the Optus Fetch signal before the box and send it to another TV via wireless networking.

Any help would be appreciated


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    Newer boxes (Mighty and Mini) are HDMI only thus yes, you will require a HDCP2.2 compliant HDMI splitter but:
    - will be limited to watching whatever the box is watching (deal-breaker for most)
    - will be limited in HDMI cable length without buying HDMI to Ethernet adapters or wireless HDMI transceivers

    Best to wait for multi-room and rent an extra box.

    Thread here indicates Multiroom may not be far away

    Alternatively, if you have an Apple TV Generation 4 or an Android Device you can connect to a TV, you may be able to use the Yes TV by Fetch app to watch some channel pack content

  • The box i have is ethernet in hdmi out.

  • For some reason i can couple the optus fetch mini with my sim plan so it has to have some wireless capabilities but i havent seen the specs but for 5 bucks extra a month thats what i can do.