HTC 10 Vs HTC 10 Evo

I bought a HTC 10 from dick Smith's during the cyber sale recently. It finally arrived today but they sent me the HTC 10 EVO instead.

I am wondering if i should contact them and get the htc 10 or keep the evo. The difference is screen, the evo is larger. However the evo has a slower processor and all reviews say it is a much slower phone.

Has anyone used either and can give me a recommendation?


  • Get the HTC 10. I just got one myself. Awesome phone. The Evo has an outdated chip - the Snapdragon 810 - that is notoriously prone to overheating and consequently gets throttled alot. The 810 is best avoided. The Evoj does have waterproofing though, which the 10 doesn't. The Evo also has USB-C headphones which is going to severely restrict your choice of headphones. It's a clear choice to me, unless maybe you're a fishermen?

  • Cameras are just better in HTC 10 EVO but again would recommend for HTC 10. I have HTC 10 which I consider still better than HTC U ULTRA the new model released this year.
    Do check this link for detailed comparison between HTC 10 and HTC 10 EVO:

  • HTC10 no doubt is the better phone.

  • You got ripped off mate, the 10 and the 10 Evo are not the same.

  • Thanks, i have contacted dick Smith and getting them to change it to the HTC 10