Which BBQ Grill Is The Best? Weber-Q Vs. Beefmaster etc?

Hi guys,

In the market for a new BBQ as my old bunnings special has had it's day over 3-4 years of solid performance.

I'd like a buy a proper BBQ, not a cheapy. I've been told Weber make the best ones and i've seen some pretty solid Beefmaster ones at stores but anyone have proper knowledge in this area?

Budget anywhere between $500-$1500 for the new BBQ. Don't have a massive area so none of those huge ones.

is stainless steel better than non stainless steel? Little things like this i'm looking for and any personal experience would be great!

Any insight appreciated!


  • I have the Baby Q and it just doesn't get hot enough to get a good sear or flash grill sorta cook. It's designed to be cooked with lid closed, but because it's so little you end up kinda steaming your meat more than getting a crisp flame finish.

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      I own a Baby Q also, You are doing it wrong.

      • Please tell me how I can do it right.

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          We are on our second Baby Q use it all the time esp in summer to save heating up our apartment. Have never had a problem with it for all kinds of cooking check the videos out on the Weber site https://www.weberbbq.com.au/weber-videos/
          They do take a little bit of getting used to kind of like a leap of faith. Sure you will find your mojo soon.

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          As you mentioned the BABY Q does not have a massive heat output.
          In the event you want to really sear your protein you need to get the BABY Q really hot.
          To do this let the BBQ warm up with the lid closed on a high temp.
          If you are still finding your protein is broiling rather than searing, leave the lid open on High Temp to seal/sear the protein and finish with the lid closed.

          A word of caution, if you leave the BBQ to long it can get dangerously hot with the potential to start a fat/grease fire.

        • @Cheap Charlie: Doesn't the owner's manual say let it preheat for 15 mins. I always do that (owned it about 3 months) and it is always sufficiently hot for me.

        • @ilikeradiohead:

          No idea, reading the owners manual is for quitters 😂
          Personally when I am not achieving the desired BBQ results I just experiment with logical approaches in an attempt to achieve the desired result.
          If all hope is lost I just resort to pouring beer on it, beer makes every thing better

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      Do you preheat it before putting the meat on?

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    I bought a Weber Family Q after reading online how good they are. To be honest, it's been great and it cooks steaks perfectly.

    The secret though is to get the temperature on maximum and allow the BBQ to reach full temperature by leaving it well alone for ten or fifteen minutes. Allow the steaks come to room temperature by taking them out just before firing up the grill and oil and season well before throwing them on and closing the lid. Turn once after 3-4 mins and leave for the same time again. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes and I promise you, they'll be perfect.

    They're unquestionably overpriced (plastic/alloy construction) but I suppose they work well. Small footprint too and pretty easy to clean with a good grill brush.

  • Choice member here.

    We bought a Matador (in Bunnings) based on the Choice review at the time.

    We were particularly interested in the temperature being the same at all parts of the grill, as I hate having to move stuff around.
    We also wanted to be sure that we could easily convert it to natural gas.

    I just looked at the latest test, and the Matador Artiste 4 Burner BBQ 3180709 was recommended.

    We have had ours for a couple of years, put an eBay rotisserie on it, and it does all that we want.

  • Weber - just buy it, you won't regret it

  • In my opinion, the Ziegler and Brown is better than the Weber Q, having owned both.

    It depends how you cook. The portable Weber/Ziegler are almost ovens, rather than BBQs. But I found the Ziegler to perform much better with the lid open. And it cooks a MEAN roast. Crackle is perfection every time :)

    If you want a flat plate for snags and chops, I'd go for something other than a portable.

  • I have a beefeater bbq and highly recommend it. I do a lot of cooking on the side burner too so depends if you need a side burner

  • I use the Weber Kettle. Its much better than the gas ones for BBQ. But it does takes longer to cook.
    It depends on what you would like to cook or your style of cooking.
    If you like the slow cooking then weber is best.
    The closed lid design give it even and stable cooking temp.
    But if you after grilling, burgers, hotdogs etc then weber is not for you.

  • I have a Weber & agree they are overpriced… but you just can't go past a BBQ from the Weber Q range.
    They cook amazingly & it's surprising how many people you can feed even with the smaller ones.

    Just saw Weber are giving away a digital thermometer with the Specialist Family Q (https://www.weberbbq.com.au/family-q-bundle/) probably the closest thing you will get to a bargain with Weber.

    If you do go for a Weber (well any BBQ really) try hit them up for something like a cover thrown in too, take a bit of sting out of the cost.

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    The premium end of the market used to be owned by beefeater. Now like most companies they are racing to the bottom end of the market. Majority of production is now in asia! To answer another question. Stainless lasts longer (stains badly) and doesn't transfer as much energy (heat) to meat. Cast iron will deteriorate in the long term but gives the best cooking surface. I have owned 2 weber family Q's. Q320 and Q3200 (newer model). I now have the weber genesis as I'm always cooking for large groups and the Family Q won't cope with groups over 10 persons. I consider myself to be the BBQ master out of my friend group and the Family Q is best bang for buck out there. Get the 3200 from specialist centre as they have electric start and thermometer for only a few buck more. I miss my family Q almost every day as the Genesis uses 3-4 times more gas and takes ages to heat up. Don'y buy Ziegler and brown (BBQ's galore's own brand thats made in china and made of painted tin) as it will rust. My first Q320 was outside for 7 years with no cover and I sold it for $350 on eBay as it looked like new. Aluminium and plastic product that doesn't rust away (cockroaches do like the weber also- must be a good sign). Just jump on board with callum22. The free thermometer is great and those specialist bastards don't do discounts.

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    Weber bbqs on ebay , some great savings there

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    Real men use charcoal 👹

  • love my Weber, lid has to be down but after 3 years now the paint on my lid is peeling off, other than that I would buy another one when the time comes

    • Paint peeling off after 3 years on a $800 BBQ is no good.

    • If I was you I would call the lovely folk at Weber BBQs Aus on 1300 301 290.
      Weber are renowned for their after sales service.
      I have heard sever tales of Weber going above and beyond on out of warranty products.
      Personally I called Weber to purchase some components that where lost when moving house.
      They insisted on sending me the components at no charge.

      • Agreed. After our Weber went missing during delivery (last seen at the black hole that is Sunshine postal sorting centre), i phoned Weber and they replaced it with no hassles.

  • +1 Zeigler and brown. Stronger more consistent heat than weber. Mine has spent almost 4 years outside no rust.

  • Got the Chargriller from Bunnings. USA built. Very happy with it. Small unit will sliding coal tray and little hatch to open and close at the top.

  • I have two Weber Baby Q's (one with a topnotch plate). My parents have a family q. It uses more gas and is slower to cook (good for 4 people though).

    I use the topnotch plate for sausages and other things. The plate is very expensive (160) and I can't keep it clean even when I uses sunflower oil but I like it for sausages.

    Other things - Eggs are difficult as I need an egg ring and sunflower oil to stop sticking/running. Perhaps I don't have it hot enough ? I will have to test further.
    Bacon cooks well.
    Royal blue potatoes and sunflower oil … I can cook a lot. Not as good as with olive oil with the grill in my conventional stove (but less turning required on Weber). I can't be bothered parboiling first with baking soda for more crunch … but probably best to do with topnotch plate.

    Topnotch doesn't respond to my emails but the plate arrived through Ebay.com.au and it is best for sausages - don't think you can keep it clean. Probably, it is not worth the cost just for sausages/bacon.

    Thought about the Zeigler but Choice.com.au recommended Weber. Zeigler 'might' be more versatile. I don't think that Zeigler would rust as suggested above. I am not buying choice again $30 to re-read the review. I wish I could a side by side comparison on Youtube of Zeigler versus Weber for a really thick steak … my feeling is that Weber Baby q might not be as good.

  • Hi Guys,

    I am looking at the Weber Q3200, where are these made? China?

    Also should I get a LPG or natural gas version?

    Note: I have a natural gas bayonet on my alfresco/patio.

    • Since it is a weber family Q and not portable enough to bring outside the house, might be better to go Natural Gas if the outlet is close to where you want your Weber at your patio.

    • Converting a LPG bbq over is a bad idea as they don't get hot enough.

  • Stainless steel will still rust, I have a stainless steel BBQ and I really regret getting stainless. Do not get a stainless steel BBQ

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