Noise proof windows

In recent years the street in front of house has become more and more busy. Early morning we have trucks going past and the noise is starting to get irritating particularly in the room facing directly towards that street.

What options do I have for the Wollongong/sydney area to reduce noise?

I've heard you can add on sound proofing to existing windows instead of replacing with similar results. What's the best option?


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    double glazed windows

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    One of the cheapest solutions would be to get the thickest, heaviest curtains you can find and fit them to the window.

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    Secondary double glazing should be an option for you, and is considered to be reasonable at cutting sound if done right (eg pay attention to frame and isolation).

    Best option is triple glazing, with dissimilar pane thicknesses and gaps, coupled with a proper isolating frame etc. - but you'd find it hard to source in Oz (this country is about 20 years behind the curve).

    • i've heard a 100mm airspace and as thick as possible is generally the way to go

      i've got a quote for $2000+ for a single large window which seems like a lot though

      • While big gap is good for noise, it's bad for heat (convection). Hence why triple glazing has taken off elsewhere (plus the extra interfaces themselves cut noise).

        And yes, $2000+ is a silly number. DIY it.


    These guys are apparently not bad.

    Thicker glass with a larger gap seems to be the most effective option.

    • i've heard of these guys but also that for a similar price you can get the proper double glazing nowadays

  • Is there any way of preventing the noise getting to the window? Fence, plantings, sound mound (dirt hump that deflects the sound up and over) etc?

    One of the easiest ways is to try not to let the noise get to you - as difficult as that sounds. I understand that silencing the noise is preferable, but if it is very difficult or expensive and prevents you from the sound reduction being effective then trying not to be stressed about it will make life easier. Think of the responses in 'The Castle'

    • the room unforunately is almost directly onto the street so no room really for a fence. Plantings might be possible but i think for it to be effective it would look pretty terrible. But its definitely something to think a little more over before forking out the amount for double glazing

  • this might not be the most efficient idea but maybe try planting more trees/hedges?

  • For those who are interested in conducting a home studio DIY acoustic treatment project for under a £1000, pls visit my website.

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