7-Eleven Fuel Price lock? fixed...

Long story short, locked the price at $1.219 in the app and purchased some fuel (43.71l to be exact) from a 7-Eleven station with a display price of $1.327. Showed the locked price of $1.219 to the servo guy and got only $1.08 discount for the total purchase. In my calculation it should be 43.71l x $1.327 = $58.00 and with the locked price 43.71l x $1.219 = $53.28, where the discount should be $4.72, not merely $1.08.

Has anyone noticed this? is there anything am I missing here? [removed]

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  • What rate does the receipt say?

  • I had similar discussion but before purchase - first 20litres only at lock in price

    • Coz you only locked price for 20L.

  • Showed the locked price of $1.219 to the servo guy

    isn't there a barcode that they have to scan?

    • yes barcode

      • yes barcode

        computers don't lie. there must be something else that caused the saving to be less than what you wanted.

  • Guys it appears the only locked amount seems to be purchased at the locked price. if you lock only 10l at 1.219 in the app and buy 40l fuel at 1.329, 10l of 40l is bought at 1.219 and the rest or 30l is bought at 1.329, hence the discount of only about $1.

    Previously did not really pay attention to the amount that is getting locked.

    • +7

      Change the title to 'My Bad' or 'I need to pay attention'.

  • It makes sense - otherwise there would be no reason to lock-in anything more than 1 litre.

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    always lock over the ammount you will fill, you will not be locked into the ammount of liters you need to buy but youll get the full benefit

    • But then you're left with money sitting in the 7/11 'card'. It's not that bad but still.

      • if you use it again, set a lower ammount and only fill to that and use that credit up.
        its not hard just use your brain

        • My point was if you don't use it regularly.

  • +2

    Wow calling fraud when you don't even solid answers.

  • Seriously
    Some people ….

    Pretty much messed it up and then blame the company for the error

  • I always lock up the price but it never asks me about quantity. Where do you set quantity.

    • they changed this ages ago before you had to load "credit" into your account and you could only lock up that much. also this thread is 4 years old

      • Thanks mate

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