Xiaomi Mi Box external storage

i have a mi box international version,im keen to pull the trigger on a 2 or 3tb external drive for it, but im unsure if large external drives will work? im just wanting to play video files off it in kodi. doesnt seem to be much information out there about it
can anyone with one confirm for me? thanks.


  • yes no problem. you probably want to stick to tv addons though.

    • thanks,

      i already have things like exodus etc installed, but personally i have a huge archive of media on my nas that id like to copy over to an external because the box is mainly used by my grandparents who dont live with me. is there any issues or are you just saying in general its easier?

  • Yep no problem, I used a powered hub between the mibox and external (wall wart powered) HDD and it meant the HDD didn't turn itself off though.. once I removed the power from the hub then no problems,the HDD went to sleep when the mibox was turned off as expected… I can play movies off it through kodi no worries. For a bus powered small HDD I would look at a powered hub to go with it, however…

  • So my Mi Box arrived, I connected a Toshiba 3TB Portable hard drive.

    I had 2 options, format it as internal storage; which I did, but after it said only 736GB available. Thats not right.

    Then formatted it to NTFS on windows, then tried again. Only with ES Explorer was I able to see the files/folders. I was hoping the Plex app which use the attached hard drive as a source.

    Any thoughts?

    • I'm considering getting a Mi Box and eager to know if this setup of Plex and portable HD is functional..

      • I have decided to keep my media server and external usb drive on my pc. Using the Mi box and plex app to connect to the pc media server.

        Plex can only browse servers on the network, not local files. I had to use Kodi for that.

        • can you set up the plex server on the mi box though? Then use the plex client (on the mi box or on other devices around the home to view the videos)?

        • @witsa: I don’t believe you can use the device as the acting server. I’ve now connected a portable HD to my router and access the content via the Kodi app. Unfortunately my router won’t work as a Plex server either..

    • Yea same happened with me why is it so difficult? Do I have to format my hard drive to ntfs? Why doesn't it work like plug and play, like my old WD media player?