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Humble Bundle- US PSN store - THQNordic - US $1 (~AU $1.32)/ US $11.52 (~AU $15.2)/ US $15 (~AU $20)


The latest humble bundle is targetted at Playstation. You will need a PSN account from one of these (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia, Urgauay, Nicaragua) countries to redeem the codes. USA PSN store access is quite easy to obtain

Pay $1 or more
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS4)
Red Faction(PS4)
Super Dungeon Bros(PS4)
Arcania: The complete tales(PS4)

Pay average or more $11.52
Destroy all humans(PS4)
Legend of Kay (PS4/PS3)
Destroy all humans 2 (PS4)

Pay $15 or more
MX vs ATV (PS3)
Darksiders 2(PS3)
MX vs ATV supercross encore(PS4)
Darksiders 2 deathinitive(PS4)
Darksiders Warmastered(PS4)

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  • +5 votes

    That $1 tier is pretty flippin' amazing value. $15 US for Darksiders 1 and 2, plus the rest is awesome as well!

  • I wish I had more time, that is a good deal - but no time to play :( Darksiders good value.

  • Superb value.

    If you can handle a bit of 'rpg jank' Arcania is actually really good as well and it's in the $1 tier.

  • With Darksiders 2 Deathinitive

    Does the glitch for the Belial DLC still exist where it freezes the game and Corrupts the save like in the PS3 Version

  • Was shattered, I luckily checked as I clicked to pay. Not bothering with other accounts. Don't really need the games, but for the price…

  • How to get US PSN account?

  • Can I have both a AU and US account? What happens to my AU games if I sign in to my US acct? Thanks.

    • yes you can, nothing happens to your AU games… you can play your games on either account as long as the ps4 is set to the primary ps4 for that account… if you have multiple ps4's things can get a little more complicated… but i'm guessing you don't

      once you setup your US account, you can download and play games on your AU account and vice versa

    • +2 votes

      I have accounts from US, UK, HK, JP and AU regions. Don't worry :). You can buy from any region using ps cards and after downloading you can be in your main account and play no issues :)

  • I got this a few hours ago, and for those it's useful to, 15 USD cost me 20.62 AUD via PayPal.

    Either of the 2 Destroy All Humans games cost more than this whole bundle, so I was happy.

    • yeah I'm waiting for salary to clear the bank tonight and I'll be on this bundle - I have both a US and AU PS account, so the key is not a hassle (really easy to make a US PS account guys.. just go to store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/home/main and then create a new account (preferably in a state listed above with no sales tax - JUST in case you ever want to buy games from the US PSN store.. they're usually much cheaper than AU, even with the roughly 30% currency difference).

      I recently bought Arcania during a US Flash PSN sale, but such is life - both Destroy All Human games have been on my want list for a while so they are the main reasons I am buying it, the adventure games will interest my daughter.

  • God damn you OZB.

  • They had a 3DS/Wii U bundle and now a PS3/PS4 one.

    C'mooooooon Xbox 360/Xbox One.

  • Sweet. Been wanting to check out the Darksiders games for a while now.

  • Got the Darksiders remastered in steam for free since I had the original games.

  • Hey guys, do humble bumble do many deals for PlayStation?

  • this is great ! and i hope there are many more to come from this !

  • Hi I have only recently purchased Playstation for the first time last month. So I have created an AU account in it. Looking above suggests that I can create different region accounts on the Same PS4 which is good. Silly but noob queston here, can I use the same email ID to create an US account that I have used for AU account or is a new email id required for each region ? Please kindly advise.