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Paris Return ex Melb $910, Syd $923 with Vietnam Air @ IWTF (July-Dec)


Vietnam Airlines are having a sale on flights to Paris, France. Travel mostly in Oct – Nov/17, but there are some dates in Jul, Sep and Dec. 20kg Checked Baggage and meals included.
I don't know how to copy the links.

» Melbourne to Paris Flights $910 Return.
Dep. 03/Oct Ret. 17/Oct $910 http://iwantthatflight.com.au/flight.ashx?oc=MEL&dc=PAR&dd=0...
Dep. 31/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $910
Dep. 28/Nov Ret. 12/Dec $910
Dep. 24/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $910
Dep. 02/Nov Ret. 23/Nov $910
Dep. 19/Sep Ret. 20/Oct $910
Dep. 14/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $910
Dep. 21/Oct Ret. 21/Nov $910
Dep. 14/Sep Ret. 20/Sep $942
Dep. 03/Oct Ret. 31/Oct $993

» Sydney to Paris Flights $923 Return.
Dep. 03/Oct Ret. 17/Oct $923 http://iwantthatflight.com.au/flight.ashx?oc=SYD&dc=PAR&dd=0...
Dep. 31/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $923
Dep. 11/Nov Ret. 25/Nov $923
Dep. 28/Nov Ret. 12/Dec $923
Dep. 24/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $923
Dep. 02/Nov Ret. 23/Nov $923
Dep. 19/Sep Ret. 20/Oct $923
Dep. 14/Oct Ret. 14/Nov $923
Dep. 21/Oct Ret. 21/Nov $923
Dep. 26/Jul Ret. 04/Sep $923
Dep. 10/Jun Ret. 22/Jun $935

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    Good find. How's Vietnam Air as a carrier / quality of passengers?


      Flew with them several times a few years ago. Then their planes were a little old. But seats were wider than Emirates. Quality of passengers - that's an unusual question, but they were fine. Male cabin crew were lazy and female cabin crew did all of the work (it might be a Vietnamese thing). I don't know if they are still a partner with optiontown, but I was very lucky with optiontown upgrades for Vietnam Air flights.

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        Just looked up one of the routes from Melbourne. It's a 787-9 to Ho Chi Min and an Airbus A350-900 from there to Paris. The A350 is very new. Both 18 width 32 seat pitch. Looks good.

        Edit: Operated by Air France Paris-SGN!


          I can vouch for this. Took the same trip last year. The planes out of and into Australia with Vietnam airlines were a little old, but still totally fine. The flights into and out of Paris were awesome though. Crew and planes were top-notch.


          I think they upgraded, or at least for the flight Syd-Han, to Boeing 787 - along with Airbus A350, are the two newest models over the world.


          They have been changed from A330-200's to 787-9s on the MEL-SGN and for SYD-SGN they've been changed from 777-200ER's to 787-9s :)


    Nice, this is exactly what I want, except from HBA. Now to see if risking a non-connected domestic flight is worth it…


    My wife just flew with VNA last week from Syd to Hanoi. 30kg, not 20kg

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    Anyone know if you can stay in Vietnam for few days lay over?

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    SYD-HAN direct >30kg
    SYD-HAN via SGN >40kg

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    They all seem to have a long layover 6h+ onwards and 13h+ on the return leg?


    I am getting $631 per person with 2 adults and 2 kids and $732 for an adult return. 19/09 and 20/10 dates….. so cheeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap…. too bad we are planning our trip for the same time next year!


      I assume that's through Skytours? I even get $596 return from Sydney (5 Oct to 18 Oct) but they all have this message:
      "Unfortunately, the Airline has just sold the last seats we wanted to offer you at that price. We have checked the next best available flight for you and they are still at a great price! If this alternative flight is suitable for you then please continue with your booking - otherwise please perform another search and we will do our best to find what you need."

      Then you select the next best available for a bit more and you get the same message again and again.


    Info for the noobs.

    IWTF is just a flight aggregator, just like Skyscanner. You won't be buying the flights from IWTF and chances are you can't necessarily buy the flights for the prices advertised direct from Vietnam Airlines.

    It's one of the everlasting wonders of OzBargain's mostly consistent content moderation but you learn to live with and enjoy these exceptions.

    In other news, Oral B Pro Health 145g is only $3 at pricehipster.com.au. I tried to post this deal but I received the following error: 'Price Hipster is currently banned. Reason: Please post DIRECT link to bargain. You can contact moderators if you need more information.'


    Is it possible to deliberately book a long layover in Hanoi - ie ideally multiple days, either on the way there, back or both?

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    Also note that they have free transit hotels on connections to Europe.



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