Microsoft Rewards (Australia)

With Xbox Live Rewards becoming Microsoft Rewards in a few days time, I thought I'd share the rewards and points required for each reward. So far its seems relatively easy to earn points and there's a wider range of things to choose from. What are your thoughts?

Item Value Level 1 Points Level 2 Points
Xbox Digital Gift Card $3 2380 2222
$5 3820 3550
$10 7640 7140
$25 19110 18735
$50 38210 37460
Xbox Live Gold 1 month 7000 6800
3 months 16000 15000
12 months 30000 29000
Groove Music 1 month 9500 9400
3 months 28000 27500
12 months 110000 99900
Surface Pro 4 Sweepstakes 1 entry 200
5 entries 500
25 entries 1000
150 entries 5000
Window Store Giftcard $3 2380 2220
$5 3820 3550
$10 7640 7140
$25 19110 18735
$50 38210 37460
Skype Credit $2 1000 900
$5 1250 1150
$10 4750 4250
Skype Unlimited 1 month 3000 2800
3 months 8500 8000
Donate to Special Olymics $1 Donation 1300
$3 Donation 2290
$5 Donation 3820
Donate to Care $1 Donation 1300
$3 Donation 2290
$5 Donation 3820

*Correct as at time of posting.

(Yay! my first post, please excuse any formatting issues)

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  • +1

    It's a shame Xbox Rewards was phased out to bring Microsoft Rewards to Aus. At least it's fairly easy to earn points per day.

    • I've also noticed that the requirement for $5 XB credit has reduced from 5000 pts to 3820/3550 pts. As someone who only completed the surveys each month, I didn't get much out of XBLR. Hopefully MSR will be easier with the smaller tasks as I'm on 275/285 daily points for my first day.

      • +1

        That's a good point. At the same time, you can cash-out a lot quicker. (You used to have to wait until the 1st, 15th, or 30th of each month.)
        I used to earn heaps of points off the Xbox Live Rewards missions, which is how I ended up building my balance. I'm on 308/328 of 500 points, so not doing too bad.

        There's an extension for Microsoft Edge, but it's not online for our store yet. (

  • +2

    Sorry for being a knob but What is Microsoft rewards. How you get it and how you can use it ? I know Google has the ans..but you guys are way much better than Google…Love You Guys…

  • +1

    Ah. Damn. I just realised they never paid out the final Xbox Rewards balance.. (You have 6,650 Credits!)
    Maybe they'll pay it out on the 15th..

    • I have 4,750 (just shy of the 5000 required for auto-deposit). According to the FAQ, you should be paid out (in the form of AUD to your XBL account) by the 14th. I kinda wished it transferred to MS credit instead.

      • Ah, nice. That'll come in handy with the Xbox Spring Sale.

        • @OverburdenedWarrior, sorry to bother you but has your xbl rewards credit gone through? I received an email " We were unable to make your final Rewards Credits deposit. Any pending Credits in you account will automatically be converted to Microsoft Rewards points at the end of April…" Which is better value imo.

        • +1

          @HuskyActual: Sorry about the late reply; I did receive the final payout on the 14th. Sounds like you'll be better off for the delay though!

  • Never used before
    Pretty easy to get the first 300 points - maybe not in future months
    500 points to get 10% of digital purchases
    Worth doing if you were subscribing to Groove music or something I guess

  • +1

    I got banned previously for using Bing rewards with a VPN and using a bot. What are my best options now as it seems the ban has carried forward to Microsoft Rewards? Contacted support but looking for ideas from you lot?

  • +1

    Yeah I just signed up, pretty cool. Not sure how long it'll take to get more points, but I did the number crunching and it seems that the best option for Windows store gift card / Xbox store gift card is the $5 option, you get more $ / points or pay less points / $.

    • I concur, the $5 skype credit [1250/1150pts] is the best pts/$ followed by $5 XB Credit [3820/3550]. You will actually pay more points to redeem the higher ($10,25,50) XB credits though.

      • +1

        Ah righto, forgot about skype, too bad skype credit only works for skype and not windows store apps.

        And Xbox / windows store is the same pricing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the xbox and windows store gift cards provides the same benefits. (Can use it to pay for anything Microsoft related online, Onedrive, Microsoft app store, Groove, Tv and Film.)

        • It might be best to dig through some of the click frenzy deals or online for more info about the MS Store GCs as I recall some people mentioned they are not the same. Also just noticed that they haven't accounted for DST.

  • They've added punch cards now

    • I've almost given up. I've got $5 xb credit in a week but the grind isn't worth my time using an inferior search engine and laggy browser.

      • +1

        Bit over 5000 points so far. 12 months of Xbox live gold at 29000 points is what I am aiming for.

  • Looks like they got rid of browse and earn, only 150 points a month which you can get in a day from PC + mobile search in a day, means you don't really need to use Edge then but was still nice to have another 150.

    Or maybe it'll reappear later in the month.

    • It's still in my sidebar. Are you running adblock?

      • No adblock, seems like it is back, couldn't see this morning.

    • Are you on level 1 or level 2? Level 2 seems to still offer 162 points per day from using Bing (desktop + mobile; though 12 of those points require using Microsoft Edge).

  • Seems that MS has completely removed the daily mobile search (60 points) & reduced the PC search from 90 points to just 30 points.


    • +1

      Nothing has changed for me. I still see the 60 mobile points and 90 PC points.

    • +2

      MS rewards has two levels. Level 1 allows you to earn only 30 points a day. Level 2 lets you earn 60 points from mobile search and 90 points from PC search (150 points total per day).

      You must have been downgraded from level 2 to level 1. You need to earn 500 points every month to maintain level 2.

  • +1

    From the rewards page

    The Browse and Earn offer expired as of Dec. 31, 2017.

    • +1

      Still working for me

      Edit: Nevermind. I thought you were referring to searches. Using edge to earn points is gone for me too.

      • +1

        Are you set to Australia?

        You get 10 points for clicking that message and it's gone from the sidebar, only reason to use Edge now is for the weekly Edge bonus quiz.

        Edit: Saw your update.

        • +1

          I should also update the offers for 2018. I'm pretty sure I don't have game pass above.

  • Coles has been added to the redeem page!

  • Now on Xbox One where you can earn more points. (App might be for insiders only atm)

  • Got 500 points for having Bing as my default search engine on mobile.

  • A bit late to the party, but you can get an app called Rewards Automator for you phone which will automatically search random words for an easy 162 Points per day. You can also do the daily activities and streaks for extra points.

    It takes only a minute a day and I can save enough points to never have to pay for Xbox Live.

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