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Xbox One S 500GB Console w/Forza Horizon or Battlefield 1 $279, Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft Console $279 @ Target


In Store Deals Start Saturday and End Monday:

XBOX One S 500GB Console w/Forza Horizon or Battlefield 1 (Game tokens) $279
XBOX One S 500GB Minecraft Console $279

Still think the JB Deal of Minecraft console plus Rare Replay and Yooka Laylee for $299 is better value (even more so with the further 5% off voucher)

PS - am aware of the spelling mistake of Saturday in top right hand corner (my Kazakhi/English translation device fails me every now and then)

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    PS - am aware of the spelling mistake of Saturday in top right hand corner

    I think you mean top left hand corner ;) Anyways I think this deal is better. The other games from JB aren't that great.

  • Will this be available on their website or eBay as well?

  • Aldi have xbox one minecraft for $12.99 …. so I I think it depends which games you want and if they are disc versions the trade-in value of something you really want games wise.

  • Why PS4 generally more expensive than XBox One?
    I saw many Xbox One deals but not many PS4 deals…and its always PS4 more expensive.
    I am comparing xbox s n PS4 slim

    • Ps4 has way better exclusives hands down is one of the reasons, I'm sure there are other pros and cons and as I owned an xbox one before. 2017 is ps4's year in terms of exclusives..

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        woah woah, it's april, settle down. Phil JUST said today or yesterday there are a bunch of exclusives coming to Xbone this year so expect much to happen at E3, and if the end of the year is anything like last year, it'll be all Xbox (last year MS had Dead Rising 4, Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore and PS4 had Last Guardian

        • Yeah i hear ya, however out of the games listed, i played gears 4 and ReCore, gears is too short and recore is sub par..just the way MS announce new hardware every 3 months you just feel like they're a bit lost in the gaming department. I had the xbox one on release then the elite, not long after they released the S with controller v2 and project scorpio later on. You also have the PC to cross play.. oh, who can forget quantum break ;)

    • Friend, right noe the ps4 is technically cheaper. jb deal is 299 for ps4, extra controller and remote. the resale on the controller is an easy $60 and the remote idk, $15 maybe. so you could get it for 224 if you wish.

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      Because Playstation can charge more due to being more successful.
      While there are some good games there (Infamous, First Light, Talos Principle, Gravity Rush 1&2, Yakuza 0) alot are "shovelware" tech demos for their visuals engines, motion capture cgi, upscaled resolutions and mediocre Japanese games that they flood the console with, mediocre clunky hack n slash dr clone games and horrible dated jrpgs that are free on mobile of low quality. The platform doesnt focus enough on unique gameplay and many games that arrive are very movie focused or dated anime jrpg focused. Nintendo has the more creative, gameplay focused Japanese titles for Western audiences.

      Truth is the Xbox One has a higher quality of exclusives, they have less but they have better gameplay. However given Sonys "market presence" in advertising, it generally gets a bit more attention and a "push" from the nerd gamer culture "press"/ "critics" who like to push console wars and benefit from the platforms success due to advertising, influence etc.

      Halo 6, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead will all be premium, well thought out experiences, however due to Microsoft being behind sales wise, they charge less. Microsoft as a big company can afford to do so, Sony doesn't have as many successful divisions.

      Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4, Recore, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 3, Blizzard Mountain, Astroneer, FallOut Shelter, Dead Rising 4 (timed), have all been alot of fun recently.

      Xbox One has had better, strong games with decent gameplay the entire generation. Im not a "gamer", but i say that just as a video game fan thats played all 3 this generation, so you know im telling the truth.

      Id ignore the console warriors and just remember exclusive wise, the quality factor is generally Nintendo (top) > Xbox (Second though some are tied with Nintendo) > Sony (last mostly cgi focused movies with poorer gameplay and bad Japanese rpg clone games from decades ago that dont hold up).

      Hope that helps. Keep it gaming.

      • K so, more of a pc gamer here personally - alot of the xbox exclusives can be had on PC - due to the Microsoft Marketplace - yet to be seen if the new releases mention above will be on both PC and Xbox (maybe not Halo, but the rest probably will be - fingers crossed on Crackdown 3)

        I think the above, though points out some good points, does appear to be coming more from one camp than the other - granted I agree that the Nintendo offerings (seriously people get a second hand Wii u and get some of those games - amazeballs) are more creative and have better thought out gameplay.

        Examples of the latest "packages" PS4 is bundling, at least on occasion, a game of the year title in Uncharted 4 and 2017 contender for GOTY Horizon Zero Dawn - even exclusive titles like Ratchet and Clank, Nioh and Bloodborne should be considered if choosing between one and the other - also if so inclined the (admittedly pretty shallow) VR and "4k" (its upscaled 2k but whatever) PS4 Pro have captured a decent market share as well.

        2017 has been a great year for games so far - Xbox is not excluded from this, especially if Crackdown 3 meets its potential (massive fan of original Crackdown over here). As with anything to do with these consoles - whichever your friends are playing should play a big part in what you buy as well - exclusives are good but shared experiences in game with mates are usually better.

        My biased opinion - get a PC (and maybe a second hand Wii U) :D - but with above's pricing - hell of a time to get an Xbox with some great games coming out soon, especially non-exclusives (c'mon DESTINY 2!)

        • @BNN: Entirely biased personal views.

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          @Apue: Nah, just an honest take on the games and the overall functionality of them. Without the gamer culture stuff. TLOU had the same type of issues and Bad A.I. like HZD. It is what it is. Video Games arent that important at the end of the day. Happy Easter.

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    Bundle Includes:

    Xbox One S 500GB Console
    Forza Horizon 3 (Full Game Download)
    Mass Effect: Andromeda
    Mighty No. 9


    better deal IMO

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      Hey guess what? The jerk store called and they are running out of you

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        That's gotta hurt.

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    Selling my xbox one s for $250 is looking like a decent deal with the prices coming down all the time.

    • $200?

    • I feel bad for whoever buys your xbox at that rip off price.

      • Sold it last week I meant. with Far cry 4, Fall out 4 and digital games of fifa 17, assassins creed unity and india chronicles on the home console. That's about $350 spent a few months ago, not that bad a deal.

        • Not bad at all!

        • Do you mind me asking how you sold it with the digital games? Did you sell it with your email/account, or there's another way to delete your account while the games are still on the console?

          I bought a console late last year with Battlefield and another download one that I can't remember now, and it's collecting dust in my apartment as I don't have time to play video games. Was planning to buy a 4K TV back then, but changed my mind after I bought the console.

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          Just signed out and took my profile off the console, and left the games on there. I checked the settings and it had already said i'd assigned this as my home console. People had said the games will stay on it as long as I don't sign in to another console or use my account again which i don't plan on doing, so its really up to the purchaser to trust whether I do that.

        • @johndemonik: I see. Will give that a try. Thanks.

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    Well, this is surely better than that bluray player everyone upvoted for not a whole heap cheaper

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    On Target eBay you can buy one now for $265.05 with C5AUS code: http://www.ebay.com.au/p/xbox-one-4k-ultra-hd-console-500gb-...

  • I'm at my local Target store and they had no idea this promotion is on. They can't even find stock. Anyone else have any luck?

    • Head on over to JB HiFi - they have these bundles for $289 but with today's 5% off voucher brings them down to $274.55

  • Ok so after spending nearly an hour at the store, the manager advised that is deal does not exist. The console itself is marked down to $279 but with no games.

  • Ok so called Mt Druitt and Blacktown those other two stores have no idea on the sale. At Weatherill Park now, standby people!

    • Alright, after a total of 3 hours mucking around, Wetherill Park didn't, and then did have some in stock…

      I called them, they confirmed stock was in. I drove to the store but as soon as I got to the counter and they properly checked out back the guy said 'sorry we don't have the games on stock'. I walked out of the store furious!

      Since it was a 30min drive and I was fuming I walked back into the store and politely asked to speak to the manager. She was understanding and went out the back to see what she could do. A moment later the young shop assistant walked out with the console with the download card. I heard the manager say to him that he needs to organise the drawer.

      What a morning! That's what happened when there is little to no communication and having a department disorganised.

      • Which game did you wind up getting with your console? The two Canberra stores I phoned seemed to know about a Battlefield 1 deal, but not Forza Horizons 3 which is what I wanted. Second store I called hunted around for a while, and said they'd found the download card. Now I'm at home I realise they've given me a download card for Forza Motorsport 5 instead. Call store back - definitely no Horizons 3 download cards to be found.

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          They gave me a physical disc as they had no download cards for Forza Horizon 3. The guys were very helpful but they had no clue about the deal and couldn't find it on the website ( only standalone XBOX @279) but this post helped. Thanks OP

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          I got Battlefied 1 with mine. The Wetherill Park store didn't want to give me the physical copy of the game and were insistent that it has to be the download code.

        • I went back to the store I bought from, and they didn't even have a physical copy to give/sell me. It turned into a total debacle in store, and I eventually walked away with a subsidised copy of something my kids will enjoy - Lego City Undercover.

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