Best Buy under $50

What is the best purchase you have made under $50. Doesn't have to be a deal.

Myself, portable battery jumper kit. It has saved me a few times and allowed myself to help others adding to my karma points.

So, give us your pro tips Ozb!


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    Intel i5 4th Gen processor
    clueless seller, was going to bin it
    paid 50 and runs fine to this day

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      Good result!

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    Sony SRS-X2 for $30 - Sony store pricing error ($30 was meant to be the discount, not the price)

    Nabbed 3 of them - 2 for gifts and 1 for me. Stopped me buying a Bose Soundlink and the sound is pretty good (albeit not as good as the Bose at high volumes, but I rarely have it up that loud).

    Second best was the $99 return flight from Sydney to Manila. I didn't know I needed to go to the Philippines until I saw the price. The flight was half empty so I had the entire row to myself and was able to lay down to and from. Staff were lovely and the scuba was even better once I arrived. Second time I went back was $249 and still great value.

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    New toilet seat when moving to a new house. <$20 at Bunnings, and it's a real luxury to know you're sitting on fresh untouched plastic.

    • How much do they normally cost?

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    Someone's been on Reddit recently.

    Any who, my favourite would be the 2DS console with Pokemon Y pre-installed for $50 at Big W.

    • isn't reddit free?

  • Anker powerline+ 3m nylon braided micro usb to usb cable with proper AWG for faster charging.. the extra length is so worth it but I think I paid close to a fortune for it in the world of cables.

    It was like 6 or 7x the budget of a 5m cable from a local office works clone office choice but actually worked or charged my tablet at full speed.

    Compared to what I paid for my tablet it was a no brainer.

    My next good purchase under $50 will probably be a neo luxe bidet with a self cleaning nozzle. But I might buy a few and shipping will probably kill me anyways.

  • Good Guys gaming sale where they gave $40 vouchers if they had cancellations from an order, I think I had either 2 or 3 orders with cancellations so ended up with about 7 games and at least $80 store credit for $40.

    Had another from Gumtree where I bought about 20 Futurama figures for $25. Didn't really collect much at the time, but got them because they had a cool variety of characters. Looked up the company who made them and found there were a few that were pretty rare, ended up making about $300 selling a couple of the rare ones and have kept the rest on display at home.

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