Can anyone help me with my job search questions?

Hi, Quick questions and help needed. Be nice new to this thing …. :)

Quick background:
I recently moved from Canada to Melbourne (fully entitled to work) with a 6 year experience in financial world (administrative work and investment).


  • I have been applying jobs like crazy. However, no one has ever called me back. WHY??? is it because of my foreign experience ?

  • I tried changing my resume format multiple time and also cut down my experiences. I have been applying administrative jobs, I don't care if it is casual or full time. What I'm i doing wrong? does locals resident have different way of applying jobs (hope not)?

-Agencies: I have been told to apply in agencies, which i did. No one have ever called me back. Do i call them and ask? is that normal?

  • Should i do some short course in Australia. Will it help?

  • Any broker course that i can take and start working.

Thanks for the help!


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    does locals resident have different way of applying jobs

    questionssssss ….

    Have someone look at your written applications, it might help.

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      Agree….. if the written English you are using in your applications is of a similar standard to this post, I would suggest that may a contributing factor

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    Maybe fix the sticky s key on your computer first? But seriously, the norm these days is if they don't want you, they don't reply. None of those old school "we regret" courtesy letter/email now.

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    If your sentence structure and grammar in your post is anything to go by it is likely the wording of your résumé rather than your experience that is the problem, have your résumé professionally prepared. Getting to the face to face interview stage is often harder then the interview itself. Good luck.

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    Find a job advert of interest.
    Call up the advertising agency to find out more info etc. Have a good long chat with the recruiter.
    Submit carefully tailored resume highlighting relevant experience.
    Include a half page cover letter addressing why you would be a good candidate.
    Call up the agency again and ask if they felt your application was up to scratch, and revise based on their feedback.
    White collar jobs in Aus would typically require phone and/or personal contact with the recruiters before the hiring company even sees your resume.

    If you are just hitting the "apply" button on Seek, your resume is getting filed with the Indian spambot applicants, the dreamers and the applicants who want to tell you about why they were unfairly fired from their last 8 positions.


    General resume suggestion, keep it short.

    • 1/2 page max cover letter, 1st person
    • 1 page (absolute max 2 pages) resume, 3rd person

    Different industries have different channels, but in general the go-to -place is just What you're probably finding is the jobs you're applying for have ~100 applicants. Don't take it personally, recruiters just have no time to say "sorry no".


    I've recently gotten a new job as i could tell my time was winding down at my old position (Canadian living in Sydney).

    What I've done differently this time was NO cover letter. Its a waste of time, use a shorter resume to draw the reader in. Recruiters work all day reading resumes and shit cover letters. Give them the info they need, they are trained to pick up on your skills and experiences and sell that for you to the employer.

    Also, what i noticed coming from Canada to Australia is that job titles vary a fair amount. In Australia everyone seems to have "manager" in their title, or coordinator, vs Canadian roles often utilised assistant, junior, etc which seems (IMO) to be looked down upon here. my suggestion, assuming you are still relatively young, based on your experience, is to modify your job titles to be in line with the Australian work force.

    If you went to a fairly prestigious school in Canada that is well known, highlight that. Many, if not most Canadian Universities are highly valued here as Australian schools seem to be lacking (ie lack of skilled workers).

    Let me know if you have any questions, the Australian work force is very "who you know" oriented as many people rarely even apply for jobs once they get their foot in the door somewhere

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    Have you tried Linkedin ? Recruiters call me every other week with job offers after finding my profile on LinkedIn. I am in IT though.


      Was just about to recommend that. If you have good network and reach out for help, you will be amazed how many people can reach out to you.
      I also like catching up with Recruiters for coffee just to keep in touch should I need to look for roles in future.

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    Its very difficult for foreign people to get a job in a different country when they have no experience working in that particular country.. This doesn't just apply to Australia. I know a few people in the exact same position as you that went and lived in Vancouver for a year and faced the same issue.

    Yes job agencies will be helpful to you. Try and create a relationship with one/some of them. Use indeed to look for jobs, not just seek (just in case you aren't already). Just keep at it, don't be fussy and I'm sure you'll land something.


    Is it clear on your application/cover letter/resume that

    1) you are already in Australia
    2) you have working rights already in place

    Some employers may see that your last job was in Canada and may assume you are applying from overseas. Or they assume they might have to sponsor you. Both of the above are time consuming and if they have enough applicants, they will simply take the easier approach

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