Leaving The Country for an 8 Month Trip - How to Save Phone Number?

As per the title, going on an eight month trip/self-discovery/sabbatical/experience-not-diamonds experience.

I do have a career to return to and would like to keep my Australian phone number.

Have been thinking of joining a cheap plan, however $10pm x8 months = $80. Is that expensive just to save a phone number?

What's the cheapest way for me to save my number being chucked back into the pool of available numbers?


  • Buy ALDI Prepaid SIM ($5), do port and recharge w/ $15, it comes with small credit to use and a validity of 365 days.

    Other options, can get telsra prepaid or vodafone starter pack ($20/30) with long expiry plans. Pls check respective service provider website for more details.

  • Buy an Aldi sim in store or online for $5.00 and it will last one year. It also comes with $5.00 credit.
    So the total cost will be $5.00 for one year.

  • Where are you going?

  • Aldi

  • Amaysim Pay As You Go, $10/year + cost of calls (connected to Optus network):

  • Yep, go to Aldi and
    Phone is fine.

  • Important aspect: select Pay As You Go but POST PAID plan. On pre-paid package you may get stuck with unusable phone if you run out of credit. Overseas sometimes it may be not that easy to recharge, and not easy to predict your needs in advance. Yes, I was stuck with out of credit phone before. In contrast a Post Paid gives you peace of mind. If I am reading it correctly ALDI only offers pre-paid packages, while Amaysim also offers post-paid.

    • Not necessary, Op is looking for somewhere to park their number while overseas for 8 months and the Aldi prepaid will remain active for 365 days with the initial purchase price of $5.00.
      More than enough time.

      • Yes, if it is strictly only to park the number, you are correct. Note however that the Amaysim is also cheap at $10, active for 365 days, and can be used overseas any time with no need to pre-pay or recharge. The usage (if any) is automatically post charged to my card. No usage - no charge. Have been using it when travelling overseas for six years now, never failed me, works as advertised. Just gives me one more safety net for peanuts.

  • Hey guys, to answer some questions above, yes just want to park my phone number somewhere. Hopefully when I come back there's an Optus deal running! I have a Singapore HappySim card which i'll be using to go round the world with, and purchasing a local SIM wherever I can't use the Singapore card.

    Looks like $5 for Aldi is the way to go for 365 expiry?


    Yomojo $0 per month prepaid. No use, no pay. Service continues.

  • Pro Tip: if you take your Aussie number with you then you'll be able to use two Factor Authentication for things like credit card shopping, MyGov and various web sites.