Xiaomi Mi6

I'm interested in the Xiaomi Mi6 ceramic version. However, it doesn't have Band 28 (and some other bands too). How much of an issue will this be? I'm not with Telstra who I believe are the only ones with Band 28. I'm in Sydney and use Vaya (Optus?), but open to switching if the right deal comes along.

I don't mind the fact that the phone doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack either.

Also, where can I get one without an overly inflated price? I'm hoping for under $600 delivered for the ceramic version.



    All of Australia's mobile providers now own 700MHz (Band 28) bandwidth. Your Optus/Vaya already has extensive rollout in, around, beyond, most cities.

    The lower the frequency of the signal, the further it travels, bounces, penetrates buildings. Depending on where you are, or travel to, support for Band 28 might be a very useful thing for you to have on your phone.

    Punch-in where you are and where you most often otherwise are, and you will be able to see the frequency support that already exists on various buildings and towers.


      Don't think Vodafone uses 700Mhz at all in Adelaide. Or elsewhere from anecdotal evidence eg on this forum.


        They only just snaffled some of the 700 at a spectrum auction earlier this month. I wouldn't reckon that they'd be using it anywhere, yet, but will no doubt be anxious to get a move on.

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    No chance, even the non-ceramic black will cost more than what you want to pay> $609 AUD delivered is the cheapest I've found by a long way.. https://www.ibuygou.com/p-xiaomi-mi6--qualcomm-snapdragon-83...


    I bought Xiaomi Mi 5s when it was released & still using it. I am in Melbourne and using Telstra Sim. I have no issues in getting 4G signals. So, I would say if you are living in one of major cities, its really a good phone to purchase. Especially when you compare the price(half) & specs(equal) with Galaxy S8.


      Great to hear your positive experience. Where did you get it from?


        At the time, I found it from Geekbuying. However, you can also get it from aliexpress or other websites(banggood etc). Please note, Xiaomi Mi6 International version has not been released yet.

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