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20% off Contacts and Glasses at Clearly (Min. Spend $99) and Free Shipping


First post so please let me know if anything needs to be changed.
I was looking around for coupon codes for Clearly and was trying out older coupon codes and this one still works.

This was found on the original post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/275747 (which is now marked as expired) so I am unaware of the spcific T&Cs but previous post specifies a $99 minimum spend and is storewide.

Specsavers often have good promos but can't see anything standout at the moment but they don't sell either of the lenses I like anyway.

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  • acuvue oaysis

    $31 less 20% = $24.8 beats quicklens's everday low price by 20 cents

    still doesnt beat specsaver's deal when they could do 4 boxes for $74 (with the $50 discount) and make it $18.4 per box delivered

    still an okay deal when theres no other sale around

    • I bought the Acuvue Oasys Dailies with Hydraluxe, worked out much better for me as I buy the 90 packs (1 for each eye) and it doesn't seem like quicklens do the 90 packs which are usually cheaper than 3x30.

      For me it worked out as below
      Clearly with 20% off 2x90 lenses = $224 delivered
      Quicklens (2x (3x30)) lenses = $267.95 delivered

  • Thanks OP. Needed to stock up ASAP :)

  • Get your best price ANYWHERE (I usually use Quicklens.com) and then ask Clearly to do their -5% pricebeat. .. :-) .. !! This by definition has to be the absolute winner!! Unless of course Clearly has the lowest price (very unlikely in my experience). I should be on commission …. !!

    • depends on the item, but like i said above it looks like this deal brings it down cheaper by 20 cents so no price match

      • Mmmm .. bad choice for price comparison purposes.. I buy Air Optix Aqua 6 Pack .. the Clearly price is $55, the Quicklens price is $27.90. Even with the 20% discount its still NO CONTEST!! Of course I pay about $26.50 with the price match and with my insurance rebate I end up paying zero.

        • which insurance?i can only ever claim $30 bucks at a time with bupa

        • @furythree: Eh? I'm with Defence Health and the contact lens allowance is $180 pa which covers me for the full year every year ($26.50 x 6 = $159 + $10 shipping)

  • I saw they have 30% discount off prescription glasses frames and lenses using code BLUESKIES30. Doesn't include contacts but no minimum spend. I bought a pair this morning.

  • worked for me and came in well under competitors - based on the contact lens i needed (which SpecSavers don't have online)

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