Fruit & Veges - Where Is The Cheapest Place to Buy?

Supermarket, markets, or local fruit & veg shop. I'd always assumed that the big supermarket chains (Coles or Woolies) would be cheapest because of their bulk-buying power.

I'd be interested to hear others opinions on this, especially in relation to inner-West Sydney.



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      They're not cheap.

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      May I know why I got negged? The question is about "the cheapest place to buy", and after a peek at those website, I am not convinced that their price is cheap.

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        Just ignore the negs dude, they're meaningless! Ever since the neg became anonymous, guys are negging for the most idiotic things - quite often their own lack of humour! :p

        What constitutes value for money for you or I is often subjectively quite different from many others. Stuff at farmers markets is not as cheap as a supermarket unless you buy it in bulk quantities…my restauranteur friends get outstanding produce at ridiculously low prices at Hexham markets, whereas if I go to the retail market later in the morning, I'll pay top dollar for fairly ordinary crap! ;)

        Some folks are willing to pay a premium for freshness, and they deem that value for money; others want bang for buck…frankly, both are right - it's all subjective! ;)


    We buy at a local grocer in our suburb. We used to buy at a grocer in a shopping centre.
    I find that the grocers often have product that is still good, but perhaps not quite up to the quality standards of Coles and Woolies and so they can sell it much cheaper.
    Aldi is also good, and pretty consistent on price so I always keep the Aldi price in mind when shopping. The only negative with Aldi is that I have found it is best to be there in the morning to get the best stuff.


    Why don't you go to the Flemington or Paddys Markets? you'll find most items ½ the price, better quality & will last longer.
    I ghaven't lived in Sydney for many years but even the local big fruit & veg stores were quite cheap.


    Really depends where you are. At Magill, Foodland is like twice the price of the fruit and veg shop next door to it. But in the Central Markets you can find great bargains. Coles and Woolies usually change weekly/daily and it also depends on what fruit and veg are in season - its much cheaper to eat seasonal produce rather than fruit and veg that is out of season.


    From my experience, with the exception of weekly specials, Woolies and Coles are generally more expensive for fruit, veg and meat.

    I pretty much buy everything from the independent fruit&veg shops and butchers, you're rarely worse off and in most cases better off. That might be due to the higher competition where I am (Auburn - Rhodes - Top Ryde - Eastwood… so many places to choose from!)

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    My price guidelines:

    Carrots/potatoes/onions: no more than $1 kilo
    Zucchini/Broccoli: $2-4 kilo
    Tomatoes (depending on the type!!): $2 for normal, $4 for truss
    Mushrooms: $7 (in season), $9-10 normal
    Sweet corn on cob: 50 cents/cob
    Apples: I only like fujis, pink ladies - $2-4/k depending what's in season/on special

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    Aldi is very cheap. I got a huge punnet of strawberries there today for $3 and they're $2-2.50 for a standard punnet at Woolies at the moment. I find for most things your local fruit shop is way cheaper than supermarkets too. If you don't have to go out of your way to check out the small businesses I recommend you check it out. Apart from better prices you're supporting local folk which is also a good thing.

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    if its on the special pages at coles and woolies… then its cheap o.O
    else look at local fruit shops

    paddies and farmer markets are only cheap if ya buy in bulk (maybe group buy)

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    Inner west - Campsie Woolworths, cheapest woolworths in Sydney! Big range of produce to cater for such a diverse culture that exists in that area.

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    Unless you want rejected fruit/veg, then I've found Aldi the cheapest overall when you take quality into account. Its especially good if your like me and just buy whatever Aldi has super cheap each week.

    At least in Brisbane, most fruit shops are either organic/high end shops that are very very expensive, or cheap low quality shops that I'm unable to eat anyway.

    I'm in Brisbane, so I'm guessing some people in other states will have some great local shops, but overall Aldi is the best place I've found.

    Stay away from Woolworths/Coles, you ALWAYS pay more then Aldi and you often get less quality. Fruit/Veg shops often beat woolworths/Coles.


    most of the times fruits/vegs from woolworths/coles are a ripoff. i often buy bananas, and at times i see prices /kg from woolworths can go as high as 5.99/kg.. which is complete BS, just walk 50 meters to the fruit grocers and i get them for 1.99/kg.

    as for things like potato, eggs… if you have a big family, best go farmers market… 20kg of spuds for $8 during the bargain timings (closing time) are excellent.

    end of the day, there's no one 'spot' that provides the cheapest prices… you just need to hunt around.


    when i worked at woolies some 15 years ago.. my job was to go to the fruit and veg independant across the road.. note their prices.. come back and reduce our prices to just a little less.

    when that shop was out of business we could charge anything.
    so.. i try to buy stuff from companies in competition with the wooly/coles duopoly
    (aldi, iga, independents)

    but.. the very cheapest place to buy them is from the earth in your backyard.
    The best way is with permaculture (self supporting, maximum food with minimum effort except from nature).
    but of course, that's not for everyone and every home.. it's challenging to set it up etc.

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      growing your own takes a lot of time/money and effort unless you know what you are doing and you don't mind the same sort of veges/fruits year after year. ;)

      not everyone could live the australian dream of 1/4 acre block.

      there's a lot of price fixing everywhere,in some countries, the shops don't even allow you to photograph the price tags.

      all these 'food cartel' are killing off the small local grocers.. is a sad thing. Its a thing of the past where you could walk into a grocery shop, the owner actually knows you. Now it's just mindless drones… maybe i'm just a dinosaur. :)


    Paddies markets 4sure!!! I got 5 bags of fruit n a few veges for $15 :)


    For my household, it is usually

    • Aldi
    • Local vege shop
    • Paddies when we have time during the weekend

    Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    In the last two weeks I've been to Coles Broadway, local Erskineville fruit shop, Woolworths Marrickville and Aldi Marrickville.

    I have to say that Aldi is much cheaper than the rest, for example strawberries were about 1/2 price, truss tomatoes $3 kg less than Woolies. I found the local fruit shop to be the most expensive. I've still got to go to paddies market and check that out.


      I guess with Paddy's Market it gives you the perception that the fruits and vegetables are more "fresh" (in Asian wet-market style). Also a lot more varieties. Too much travel for us (in South Eastern suburbs) so we just ended up getting most of our stuff from local Aldi (Maroubra or Eastlakes), and try not to be too particular :P

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