How Do I Sell a Used Car Quickly

My employer just offered me a position in another country that I am keen on taking up. It would mean winding up my affairs in Sydney in about 3 weeks time and relocating. My car is due for renewal of rego and CTP in 3 days. It doesn't make sense for me to spend the money on rego and CTP as I am going to put it up for sale anyway. Does anyone know of any companies in the Sydney area where I can drive my car in and they would offer me cash for a quick sale?


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    You mean a used car seller?

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    price it cheaply

  • Chuck it on Gumtree cheap, I'm sure there will be bites if it's cheap enough. Better to offload it cheap to an end user rather than a $tealer.

  • Gumtree. Pay the little extra to keep it on top of search results and price it cheap but enough to be negotiable.

  • List it for cheap on the OzBargain classifieds

  • If it is a decent car put it through Pickles Auction.

  • What car is it?

  • what car is it?

  • A Ferrari ¿

  • fiat multipla

  • Get it evaluated at a dealer. I'm guessing you're in Sydney so just go to one of the massive used car places. Get a cash price.

    Also list it on Carsales and gumtree for a week and if it doesn't sell, drop it at the dealer a couple of days before you leave.

  • Take it to EB for credit

  • If you are determined to sell it in the next 3 days before the rego expires, just drive it to somewhere with a few used car dealers, see what each will give you.

    Its never going to be easy getting a good price for a car, but you are not putting yourself in a great negotiating position by having the rego being about to expire. For all a buyer knows, you tried to get it registered, it failed the check, and you have tried to patch up some problem and get rid of the car.

    Try to avoid mentioning to a dealer that you are moving overseas, think of an excuse that makes you seem slightly less desperate to offload it for any price.

  • I've sold on consignment before (flat rate even if they sell for more) $ 1400 which is easier if you can't be arsed showing the car to people doing all the advertising, negotiations etc.

    Means you don't have to spend time trying to flog it when you,re going to have a bucket load of stuff to do.

    You agree on price you want for the car / they tell you what it's likely to get.

    if you can agree they put it in their yard detail it look after it and actually try to flog it for you salesman wants his commission.

    took 3 working days and we got 10k more than they thought we would get and 5 more than we were hoping for.

    Have a quick scan through the wanted section in the cars for sale in the classifieds in the paper to see if any of the yards are looking for "good cars" from the manufacturer you have

  • Whatever the Redbook value is for your car with the particular kilometres and in decent condition, divide it by half and there is your Gumtree value (probably even a bit less).

  • What car is it? Your private messaging is turned off - I tried to message you!

  • Selling quick means selling cheap.

  • speed is the inverse of price

    I've used them b4. Don't expect top dollar!

  • What about just paying for 6 months rego and CTP, should be easier to sell quickly for a better price

    • Yes thats my fallback plan. Just that when you've got to move lock stock to another country, would prefer to get rid of the bigger assets sooner so I have less to worry about later.

  • You can go to any dealer and they will offer you $5k less than it is worth. I would pay the rego, list it on Gumtree and list on (use to be approx $50)
    You will get 10 x more interest than Gumtree.
    Look at the cheapest similar km year condition and list $1000 cheaper. If not sold in week, drop it another $1000 and certainly will sell it by week 3.

  • If you have comprehensive insurance take it to the outer suburbs, leave the window down and walk to the shops. Call the police and insurance company 30 minutes later

  • I decided put another 6 month rego and hang on to the car a bit longer and flog it closer to my departure date - watch this space!