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PC DOOM $11.95 USD (~$16 AUD) - Steam - TheBlueDroid


Update: To everyone here, past, present & future. Thank you so much for all your feedback and help on this new site (as well as your patience for those who ran into issues and helped me troubleshoot). I've come across a small bump in the road that will only get worse as more sales are processed so I'm taking down the offer for a few days to slow down traffic until I can get it resolved. The store will still be functional in the meantime and I'm hoping to be back with another ozbargain sale sometime next week (as soon as I can get a fix). Please don't be mad ;)

Thanks again everyone for your feedback, words can describe how grateful I am <3

Hi Bargainers,

I have a bunch of Doom key's on sale. They are global steam keys (none of that steam gift nonsense).

This is my first post since updating the website, crossing my fingers the system doesn't break during the sale, either way please don't be too harsh on me.

If anything does happen to go wrong, don't hesitate to reach out either through facebook (message bot on the website) or via email. Game codes will be sent out within 10 minutes of purchase.

Cheers !!!


Edit : Any feedback on the entire process is very much welcomed, still working on small fixes here and there and always love to hear what you think.

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  • +1

    Done!!! Wanted doom for sometime, you made me finally find my (e)wallet!


    • Thanks @naphman ! Stalking everyone through google analytics as we speak, heart pounding out of my chest hoping nothing goes wrong <3

      • Lol!!

  • +3

    USD$0.61 discount off your standard price?! You absolute madman!

    • +4

      Trying my best to get a little traction… between me and you (and I guess the rest of the internets now) that's my cut on the sale :P

      • +3

        Well, I'm sold. I ordered a copy. Looking forward to putting the new graphics card through its paces!

        • +2

          Nice !

          Hope you don't mind me asking, have you received the code already ?

        • +5

          @Droidy: Mate, I got the code before the PayPal receipt. Too efficient!

        • +3

          @QW3RTY: Yesss !!! #FeelingALittleRelieved. Thanks Bud !

        • +2


          FYI will put it in the junk folder. Make sure you tell/know this. I have mine now too.

          Many thanks for the special!

        • +3

          @naphman: Thanks Buddy, I'll add a note upon checkout

  • +1

    Paid about $12 for it at cd keys.. Steam version.

  • Not in the market for doom but eyeing up some of your other titles!

    • +1

      Awesome <3 The discount code works site wide too so don't forget to apply it on checkout :P

  • The site looks really nice :P

    • +1

      Thanks bud, you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • This game is fkn excellent. It feels content-complete and the gunplay is euphoric..

    • +5

      OK that's it ! You've just convinced me to buy my own game !

  • +1

    Ordered. Not a bad price.

  • +2

    Remember you can get this game for free if you are going to buy a RX480 GPU. This promotion period ends this month (21 May).

  • +2

    Very efficient and quick buying process.

  • +1

    Reviews of this site?

    • +1

      Only really the comments above for now… Maybe some will come soon :D

    • Could've sworn I was already a member of the site… But it looks so different. And I couldn't log in with my email anyway. Maybe I have it confused with something else.

      • +3

        It's very possible, about 6 months back I was working under the same domain name with kinguin. But it didn't work out (probably for the best) and I decided to take a shot at running an online store by myself. Although a little nerve racking I get to manage every aspect of the website and business this way. without any corporate overloads preventing me from giving out Ozbargain coupons :)

        • Well, it looks good to me.

          Your site will be on my list of places to check. Keep up the great work!

        • @tebbybabes: Thanks buddy <3

  • +1

    Worked out fine for me! All the best with the website, and keep the bargains coming :)

  • my question is why is this in USD however based in Melb?

    • Good point. Because it's not limited to Aussies and its much easier to manage a single currency over too many options. Adding currency options is something I'd like to add down the road though.

      • +1

        Maybe put USD next to the price on the website because it's not that obvious.
        Also find a new animation for the messenger icon, I think it's annoying that is flies across the page every time you open a new page.

        • Thanks Durd, I've moved the messenger icon to the left hopefully that makes it a little less intrusive. Working on the USD thingy next :D

          edit added a little note on checkout to point out that the prices are in USD too :D

  • Hey man, awesome site! I just wanted to mention that when I go to any page under the navigation section of shop, that grey panel behind the top navigation bar disappears when you have scrolled all the way to the top and because the text is white, it becomes hard to find them again without scrolling down. Just thought I'd mention that, apologies if my description is a bit messy.

    • +1

      That makes total sense, thanks for the feedback bud !

    • +2

      Pretty sure I've fixed it :D Thanks for the detailed explanation !

      • +1

        Awesome fix man! Looks great now :)

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