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New Website Launch - 25% off All Orders Sale Online at The Bicycle Store


New Website Launch

Enjoy 25% off All Orders Sale Online at The Bicycle Store

Use the code HUGESALE

Valid on all bikes, cycling accessories, bike parts, cycling clothing and more…

The Bicycle Store already have seriously low prices accross all cycling gear, save even more with 25% off for 4 days only.

Flat rate shipping at $8.95. Bulky items such as bikes and bike cases may incur a higher postage fee.

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  • Some items are still more expensive than wiggle and chain reaction. Do your research before buying from this store.

    • How dare a local Aus company be more expensive than two, now one UK companies that are happy to make 2-3% profit so they can destroy local retailers worldwide.
      Make the choice, save yourself a few dollars and send all profit overseas and have no warranty coverage as well. Or support your local economy (you know, the one that allows you to have money to spend) and enjoy local warranty support too.

      • so following your logic, if supporting local is more important than price, why buy online and not support my Local Bike Shop?

        • Sure do that too, but maybe your local bike shop is an hour away, can't stock particular brands, are a bunch of twats. Plenty of reasons, personally I buy online for connivence as I am 45 mins form anywhere, and no one is open at 10:30pm.



          Unless you rigorously apply the same principle for all of your purchases, calling others out for finding a better deal (this is OzBargain after all) is complete bullhonky. What about electronics - do you give the locally owned but usually more expensive Retravision your business instead of going to JB Hifi or TGG and making a saving?

        • @Sir Casm:
          I was clearly referring to supporting businesses within your own country, the same one where we earn (assumption) our living our contribute to a needed tax system vs sending all your money OS for their benefit.
          To consider that holding a negative opinion of an Aus company with a higher cost of business to compete against a foreign company that gets local tax breaks.

          However to answer your question, yes I do apply that to almost all my purchases. Yes I have paid more to buy locally on a suburban level. Happy to do so. I like to know I am helping a local earn a living as I do. So they can contribute to the tax system that allows me to drive on roads to hospitals and schools that support our community.
          Part of that decision is also for any possible future support required such as warranty hassles.
          My recent NAS, UPS & router purchases were done within driving distance instead of saving $30-$50 to get delivered from a more distant suburbs or interstate.

          Sure I'll find the best deal I can given my personal requirements, but it will always be within Australia as long as it's officially sold here.

        • @snuke: People here on this forum do not need to be schooled on how they should spend their money. How you present your arguement insinuates that people who don't support their own country should be ashamed of themselves. At least, that is what I'm perceiving.
          A lot of people have quite similar values as yourself (including me) but for you to vehemently attack others that may not have the same thought process is not what the spirit of this forum is about. You're a troll. I hope ozbargainers don't get swayed on their decision because of you.
          You should also remember that people pay taxes through their income and day to day expenses. So spare a thought before posting a message about having a "moral high ground" so to speak.

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          Perhaps you have sufficient resources to indulge in such morally superior purchasing habits (or are just a poser who pays for the sense of self worth), but you'll find most us, whilst always preferring to support a local retailer, simply cannot argue against paying a premium for an item simply because it's re-sold by a local merchant.

          This community prides itself on being a source of the best available deals, and finding the lowest price is the general ethos. Sneering at those who act in the spirit of the community because you deem your purchasing behaviour superior is, as pointed out previously, complete bullhonky.

        • @snuke:

          tax system that allows me to drive on roads to hospitals and schools that support our community.

          Good intention.

          But look at the lavish politicians trip and infrastructure in ACT, then check out most of your local hospitals are having funding cut and Medicare rebate freeze.
          Most new mortor ways are users paid, what tax funding benefits from my @$$.

        • @Wilzee83:

          for you to vehemently attack

          Whom did I attack???? No one, I simply started this by trying to make people understand the difference in cost and spending.
          I was quite clear that we are all going to do what we feel is right for us. I am just trying to make some people think about what they consider a rip off, and the reality of it, and how they have earned their money that they are spending to start with.

          You're a troll.

          Again, whom and how am I trolling? I have not been aggressive, attacking or in anyway making comments simply to stir things for no reason that to get a response.

          I hope ozbargainers don't get swayed on their decision because of you.

          That is disappointing, I hope it opens some peoples eyes to simply consider how they spend. If it's not within someone financial means to do so, then so be it, but you shouldn't be so closed minded.

        • @Sir Casm:

          or are just a poser who pays for the sense of self worth

          No, somehow I am not clear, you are reading into with an emotional attitude.
          I understand that I have money to spend because others spent their money in Australia, I like to reciprocate that to help my economy.

          Sneering at those who act in the spirit of the community because you deem your purchasing behaviour superior is, as pointed out previously, complete bullhonky.

          I have not sneered at anyone, I have simply asked that people look at the larger picture, and attempt to understand the greater factors involved.

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          somehow I am not clear

          Your inability to communicate effectively is your own problem. Consider how you phrase your responses (and initial comments) instead of trying to insult intelligence by suggesting my judgement is somehow clouded by emotion…maybe try not to come across as such a d-bag and admonish those with differing opinions?

          I have simply asked that people look at the larger picture
          the greater factors involved.

          Complete waffle. There is no "larger picture" or "greater factors" for the average consumer, it's all about value. You're preaching to the wrong crowd if you think the "support local" argument is going to win over "save money".

        • @snuke: Thanks for supporting local Aus business :)

        • @Sir Casm: dude if you insist spending your money to support Australian retailers I recommend you buy from overseas at lowest possible price, donate the price difference to any trustworthy charity organisation who helps Australian directly. I honestly don't know if the local retailers put on an Aussie flag but in fact have outsourced most of their services offshore. Also, don't assume they will pay tax to the Australian government like they should and even if they do the taxpayers money might still go overseas for some stupid decisions made the the Australian government.



          You didn't read this thread very well did you…

        • @Sir Casm: sorry was meant to reply to Snuke

        • @wtfnodeal:

          I'm not sure how that in anyway helps the Australian retailers and wholesalers. You seem to be suggesting that we should no longer have any Australian retailers, and just buy everything overseas. Seems like a great idea, can't see any negatives to removing millions of jobs from our economy.

        • @snuke: you need to look at different levels, jobs at retail levels get moved to creating, manufacturing levels etc. Buying from overseas and reselling in Australian market only a small part of the snowball effect which doesn't change the imports vs exports proportion.

      • The item I was looking at 30% more expensive than wiggle. Come on, support local online store for 10% more maybe but 30% more that's about my local bike shop price and at least I get to see their smiling face and hear a thank you.
        Edit: 22%

        • We are all going to do what we are going to do. I personally only buy outside of Aus when I can't source it within Aus. I understand that I only get paid because people spent their money in Aus. I understand that the cost of living and doing business in Aus is far higher than most countries.
          So yes, I am happy to pay more for goods as I understand it is simply not sustainable for the majority of local business to offer the prices for foreign companies with much lower overheads.

        • @snuke: nah for that much more i would buy from my local bike shop at least i can ask for opinion in person before making the right purchase instead of risking buying wrong items and returning or exchange it later.

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    It puts the bargain in its post or it gets the hose again.

    • I am new to this. What is the problem sorry?

      • A general sale on multiple items without citing examples can arouse suspicion about the possibility of any real bargains. Therefore, it's usually a good idea for a store rep/associate to post examples of a bargain or two so that readers of this site can verify that the post is worthy of attention instead of a means to advertise a store.

  • Option for bike is free pick up. Where are you located for pick up??

  • This is basically velogear re-branded, right?

    • It looks like it.
      I was looking at a bike carrier and they have reduced the price a little but added shipping costs so they are dearer than the Velogear site.
      The 25% makes this a little cheaper but I'll need to check others first.

      • …is this the 3rd or 4th bike business associated with that address?
        velogear, luxe fitness, bicyclestore…why?

  • Example of a "good deal" are usually $73.99 each. OK so say I buy 2 with the discount thats $110.98 plus $8.95 shipping comes to $119.93. Or I can get the same from Wiggle for AU$94.98 delivered.

    So not really a bargain.

    Happy to buy local, and I do all the time, but not at 25% more.

  • I've had unhappy dealings with these people - what I ordered and what they sent me bore little resemblance and they just didn't want to know.

    • +2 votes

      You will be happy to know we are also new owners at the Bicycle Store so please come and give us a try again :)

      We will always be happy to help

  • I've bought stuff from velogear in the past with no issues.
    Haven't bought from this website though.

  • Hi Op,
    Can you please tell me what warranty the Thule and Pacific bike carriers come with?
    Also what are your experiences with the platform style carriers?
    Was looking at a Thule but didn't mind the Pacific platform carriers as they seemed sturdy and a little more compact.
    The Thule that stands out is the fold up one but it's over $1000

    • Hi,
      Sorry for the delay.
      Pacific warranty is 12 months
      Thule warranty can be found here

      • Thanks for that.
        The link you posted is not the Aust warranty.
        I called the Distributor "go active outdoors" who said they are 5 years.
        I found this on the Thule Australia website and which says 5 years for everything except crossover and transport which have 25 years.
        When I asked the guy what is crossover and transport he said another distributor deals with those products not him and all his Thule products are 5 years.
        No idea what crossover or transport are?