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NIB Health Insurance $200 Visa Gift Card with Any Hospital/Extras Cover


Hello all,

That time of year where I often check what other insurance companies are offering to get customers to join etc

This is one of the best I have found recently with $200 visa gift card coming your way after 45 days.

This is really beneficial for anyone as you can then switch insurers again after you get your gift card and you don't lose any access to waiting lists etc.


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    It says :

    "New customers could get a $200 gift card"

    It doesn't say they 'will' get…

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    Just compared it to my current fund and the cost is almost identical but with less things covered… No deal for me…

    • hi jv, which fund youre with?
      I'm considering BUPA and Medibank atm

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        Medibank private, but am on an old 'grandfathered' plan

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          Lol I'm surprised you are not on a great-grandfathered plan

        • @Gimli:

          I had a pre Medicare plan…

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          Well you definitely need a good​ health insurance plan.

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    my really old NIB plan is about $50 per month cheaper than their current deal.
    no deal

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    Sorry, but have previously been an NIB customer - and would not recommend them.

    The only thing they have going for them is a decent mobile, which makes claiming easy.

    However, they have a really terrible habit of persistent price increases well above market rate. I had a policy which was increased by nearly $60 in the space of barely 12 months, with no reasonable justification. Had my company not walked away from our sizable account with them because of their persistent high increases, I dare not think what we'd be paying now.

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      Agreed. Same thing happen to me. Cancelled my cover with them because of this. Being with HFC before NIB and they're just as bad. Also this is much more expensive then their previous plan.

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      Can confirm, I am also an ex-nib customer. Apart from the massive price rises and all the goodies they give new customers and forget their long term customers, my nail in the coffin was they started denying payments for services I was covered for. My current cover is better, covers more and is over $60/m cheaper…

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        Which provider are you with now?

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      If I'm signing up just for the $200 Visa card and then cancelling afterwards, it's fine right?

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    NIB is rated as one of the worst health insurance providers. Unfortunately, some of the other ones are not much better. Please do your homework when selecting an insurance provider because you could end up paying much more than $200 if something happens.


  • I am not sure if theyre a great company to go with as they are currently or will be sued for (i think) non-disclosure of the change in terms of insurance policies.

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    All private health insurance companies increase premiums every year. Everyone should compare yearly in April to see thr changes. There is only one website you need when comparing private health insurers. www.privatehealth.gov.au
    Compares all plans available and sortable by price

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    Speaking from experience working in the Industry, Nib are THE WORST private health fund to go with. They are the only health fund in Australia that doesn't allow a "Known Gap policy" which means that for any surgery where any of your doctors charge even $1 out of pocket it will automatically trigger Nib to drop their rebate for that claim from their standard (and even then among the lowest in the counry) to the MBS rebate which is nearly 35% lower! Given they already pay so little the chances of your doctor accepting only the Nib fee are low so your chances of out of pocket fees end up much higher.

    This means you end up with MASSIVE out pocket fees vs the other health funds.

    And I won't even start talking about their unethical business practices….

    AVOID Nib like an STD infected 80 year old hooker at a Thai bar…..you might save a handful of dollars now or get some lame $200 gift card bribe they offer but I guarantee you, you'll be paying for it TEN FOLD down the track…

    You've been warned….

    This is just one of MANY articles highlighting what you're in for…


  • Agreed. NIB totally suck. Every year the price jumps, and the limits drop (along with the % for some old plans).
    Just cancelled.

  • How often do you switch insurers? I assume you wouldn't get a new deal if you were a member within 12 months

  • Sumperump is CUA a better offer now if your eligible? First month free + $100.
    Might have time to do that then switch to this offer before 30 June?

  • It says on the website "online offer only" but how do you apply online? There's no sign up option to be seen, only phone quote.

  • ok guys so NIB sucks. Not a problem if I am just doing it for tax and not planning to claim anything right?

  • My g/f called and signed up that way not realising this was an online only deal, the guy didn't mention about the offer so when she found out, she cancelled it and went with someone else.
    NIB are scumbags, personal experience.

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